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Overview of the Map

Map of Rust
Rust is the smallest map in Modern Warfare 2. It's set around an oil rig which is situated in the middle a desert. The main focal point of this map is the large tower structure in the middlle of the map, it's three levels high, with the highest being a small platform - a coveted and ideal vantage point.  Rust is based on the single player level, Endgame. It is the backdrop for the final fight involving Captain Price, Soap McTavish, and General Shephard.

Severe Bug (Or Hack?)

There was a point in time in which a severe bug (could have been a hack) would take place that randomly put players into a 9 vs 9 match on Rust in the Domination game mode (Ground War) when they initiated matchmaking. The loading screen would say Free For All but there would be flags on the battlefield. What was interesting is the fact that players could kill teammates and still get points. The map would be so overloaded that it was possible to kill multiple people as they spawned by shooting at a spawning location.

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