3 months on, how Ryan has changed my life.

Posted by Red12b (9338 posts) -

It's crazy to think, but this one event has been one of the biggest influences of change in my life,

I've quit my job to go study next year, I've done a 3 week self discovery adventure course to find out how i deal with challenges and work on self improvement, i've lost 10kg's, I'm so much better in social interactions, and even before Ryan's death I wasn't a social outcast or anything, I had a great group of friends, and I could talk to anybody with no problem, but now, i don't know, something about knowing how short life can be and something to do with how that guy lived and just had an appreciation for the stupid has allowed me to just be comfortable as myself no judgements, no shame,

for fuck sake i'm going to dress up as Kylie Minogue at this weeks Halloween party my friends are throwing.

I wore these fucking things for my birthday that my chick mates gave me for a birthday gift.,.

I dunno, just felt the need to reply to the ether, to ask if I'm not alone on this?


Cheers man,

#1 Posted by Tireyo (6712 posts) -

You'll get killed here if you wore those shorts. Be glad you aren't here!

#2 Edited by Itwongo (1428 posts) -

Stuff like this is why I come here. Giant Bomb: making the world dumber, one duder at a time.

And I mean duuuuuuuuumber

#3 Posted by Colourful_Hippie (4812 posts) -

Those shorts

#4 Posted by MooseyMcMan (11933 posts) -

I feel like somewhere, the spirit of Ryan Davis is nodding slowly in approval of those shorts.

Either that or shaking his head furiously while also laughing.

#5 Posted by Zero_ (2011 posts) -

That's cool man - Ryan was definitely one of those guys that embraced everything about himself and didn't give a shit in the best way possible.

#6 Posted by Red12b (9338 posts) -


Do you want me to post one of the pictures as the "most gangster Kylie"

by the by, dressing in drag gets you bitches.

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