A Letter to Ryan Davis and Giant Bomb

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One year ago today marks the day we lost an important Duder in the video game industry.

It was two years ago when I first heard the Giant Bombcast, a podcast created by several ex-Gamespot.com employees, who felt they could take the medium they love so much, and turn it into a website FOR gamers. No game was unplayed (good or bad), no person was turned away. It was there I first heard Ryan Davis. Ryan was candid, upstanding, and always gave each game he played the benefit of the doubt. It was then I formed a connection with Ryan, as I had the same outlook, not only about video games, but life. I was stuck in a dead end job at the time, with no light at the end of the tunnel, but it didn't matter. I had the GB cast of characters to take my mind off of the task at hand. Ryan made me feel like it was ok to laugh at the little things, and to not stress over those unavoidable hard times. I truly felt like I had a purpose to believe in myself, and that I was actually worth something.

I was extremely upset when I found out last year, that Ryan had passed away. A wave of sadness I couldn't explain, hit me light a lightning bolt, as if I had just lost someone I knew my entire life. I felt I had a connection with Ryan, even if it was purely through the podcast. His words got me through some of the darkest days of my life. Days where I could care less if I made it to see the next day or not, but there was always Ryan and the Giant Bombcast to get me through.

How can someone who I've only listened to have such a profound effect on my life? It really doesn't matter, and I don't care to search out for that answer. The only thing I do know is when I felt like I had no one, Ryan and the GB crew were there. They had my back. They may not have known it, but the words spoken on that podcast gave me the motivation to keep pushing. I used their enthusiasm and passion for the gaming industry (which I love), and used it to fuel my own determination.

Do I regret not meeting Ryan had I known what the man would do for me? Yes absolutely. Am I hopeful that wherever Ryan is now (depending on your beliefs), he knows how much he meant to all of us? Damn right. I can only hope to emulate everything Ryan was and stood for, and preach what he taught us. We love you Ryan Taswell Davis, and thank you for everything.

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