Congrats Ryan!

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I can't wait for some little Ryans.

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Congratulations! I remember on the podcast when they talked about Vinny's wedding and neither Ryan or Jeff went. It made me feel all "aww :(" for some reason. I'd like to think of all the Whiskey Media family going to Ryan's.

#154 Posted by Generiko (455 posts) -

looks legit, congratulations

#155 Posted by The_Nubster (2583 posts) -

@Video_Game_King said:

Oh crap. He is but one step closer to forming an army of future Ryans. RUN FOR THE HILLS!!!

You'll be able to hear the "Uh"s from miles away. . . Dear god, we're doomed.

#156 Posted by punkxblaze (3014 posts) -

I feel like I remember some hint of this being given in the Bombcast somewhere or something. Way to go, Mr. Davis. Way to go.

#157 Posted by jjnen (680 posts) -

When did Ryan get divorced?

Anyway grats Ryan!

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Dat Ryan ;O


#159 Posted by TheHT (12577 posts) -

gg (not to be confused with GG)

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This is something I can masturbate t-
Oh wait,  Congratulations you crazy kids!

#162 Posted by MooseyMcMan (12018 posts) -

That's great! Good for them!

#163 Posted by Dante_the_Jedi (353 posts) -

Congratulations to both of them.

#164 Posted by AhmadMetallic (19303 posts) -

I think he would be a mad dad :P

#165 Posted by Viking_Funeral (2180 posts) -


Congratz, duder. May a long & merry journey await the two of you.

#166 Posted by ProfessorEss (7701 posts) -

That's awesome! Congratulations.

#167 Posted by Kyreo (4683 posts) -

Holy shit, awesome! I can only imagine how this must make Brad, Jeff and Drew feel. Everyone is getting married and engaged and shit!

but in all seriousness, I'm glad to hear you made the next step, Davis.

#168 Posted by PenguinDust (12845 posts) -

Best wishes.

Can't wait to hear Vinny and him swapping married life stories on the podcast.

#169 Posted by buft (3409 posts) -

@20ozmonkey said:

Duder just got engaged. Congratulations Ryan and EnemyNanner!


#170 Posted by Cheesebob (1285 posts) -

Will there be a wedding day special bombcast?

Congratualtions Ryan!! Now we need to find a lady for Jeff...

#171 Posted by EvilTwin (3312 posts) -

I haven't read the last 9 pages, but assuming Ryan doesn't have a brother; who is the best man and who gets relegated to head usher?  That's what I want to know.

#172 Posted by Master_Funk (748 posts) -

Congrats Ryan. Maybe Ryan and Dave can have a combined wedding.

#173 Posted by sungahymn (1084 posts) -


I knew that he was fond of his girlfriend, but man.

Congrats, Mr. Davis and soon-to-be Mrs. Davis. I wish you a happy marriage and a long good life.

#174 Posted by Conformunist (105 posts) -

Congrats Ryan. Say goodbye to any chance of winning an argument.

#175 Posted by mfpantst (2651 posts) -
@SeriouslyNow said:
This is something I can masturbate t-  Oh wait,  Congratulations you crazy kids!
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Congrats to you and your new fiance Ryan!

#178 Posted by Rittsy (93 posts) -

Ms Pac Man themed wedding...calling it!

#179 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

Queue the site turning from video games to baby coverage.

Congrats for reals, tho.

#180 Posted by Nux (2559 posts) -

Awesome! Congrats Ryan and Lady Ryan. Too bad your life will be over once you are married.

#181 Posted by Revan_NL (362 posts) -

And the perfect wedding gift would be a horse, along with the announcer from MotionSports...

But seriously, congratulations!

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#183 Posted by 71Ranchero (3216 posts) -

Quick Look: Ryan's Wedding

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Congrats Ryan! may the sun always shine on you face and the wind always... eh whatever...

Seriously tho, Congratulations Ryan, great news to hear!

#186 Posted by DeF (5232 posts) -

@Arker101 said:

Great news for Ryan!

If Jeff gives a speech during the wedding, end it with Nintendo Downloads.

"... and to celebrate the love between these two wonderful people, let me tell you about the latest releases on the Nintendo eShop. Fittingly, nnnoooooooooo just released three new colors for their "My Wedding Planner" app, including a demo worth 15 uses..."


Seriously, Congrats Ryan! Now you guys need to team up and set up Jeff so you all can have quadruple-dates :D

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#188 Posted by FancySoapsMan (5885 posts) -

hurray! :D

#189 Posted by A_Cute_Squirtle (783 posts) -

Congrats man!

#190 Posted by NicksCorner (452 posts) -

Congratulations to Ryan and the soon to be promoted assistant.

#191 Posted by Winternet (8258 posts) -

Congrats duder. How much POWER will it have?

#192 Posted by arg3n7um (80 posts) -

Congrats Ryan!

#193 Posted by BelligerentEngine (354 posts) -

Congrats Ryan, I almost thought for a second when I saw his fiancee's twitter account, he was getting married to Karen.

#194 Posted by DuskVamp (720 posts) -

Awww I love a happy ending, congrats Ryan!

#195 Posted by countinhallways (633 posts) -


Weird, the spelling of that word looks all kinds of fucked up to me right now for some reason. Perhaps seeing it written so much over the last few pages has broken my mind.

Oh well, no great loss.

#196 Posted by D0tti (803 posts) -

Congratulations Ryan ;D

#197 Posted by Deranged (1944 posts) -

Wow! Congrats Ryan and best wishes to you!

#198 Posted by mak_wikus (644 posts) -

Congratulations! Get enemynanner her own Ms. Pac-Man cabinet as a gift!

#199 Posted by scarace360 (4813 posts) -

When a girl gives you a ms pacman machine you knows shes the one. Congratz

#200 Posted by Mahonay (841 posts) -

Already congratulated him on Twitter, but congrats again!!

From what he's has said about her she seems like a really good match for him. Could not be happier for Ryan :-)

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