Goodbye good sir, you added to my life

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Like most if you the good people at GiantBomb are a daily fixture in my day, whether it be re-listening to podcasts while playing other games. eating dinner while watching quick looks or re-posted livestreams before bed. My mornings start and my day ends with the duders here at GiantBomb.

Like most of you I am at a total loss, and don't know what to do other than post my thoughts.

I don't "know" any of the GiantBomb crew, but over the past four years of coming to this site I have a special attachment to all of them, Mr. Davis chief amongst them.He, and the rest of the crew, help alleviate the silence of living alone in a town I'm not from.

He will be greatly missed as the man at the reins of the podcasts and livestreams. He will greatly missed as an honest critic. He will be greatly missed as a hilarious reference machine. He will be missed as a lovable ball-buster. He will be missed.

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