Happy Birthday Ryan Davis!

#-49 Posted by HitmanAgent47 (8553 posts) -

Happy birthday

#-48 Posted by CptBedlam (4487 posts) -

Congratulations, Ryan.
Grow a badass beard again!

#-47 Posted by Popogeejo (622 posts) -

Congratulations again, and sorry for mentioning that thing before...
Well done on being older!

#-46 Posted by Wildfire570 (758 posts) -

Happy Birthday Mr. Davis! You are a pretty awesome dude!

#-45 Posted by Toxin066 (3403 posts) -

Happy Birthday Ryan! Thanks for ya know, doing stuff and whatnot.

#-44 Posted by Wes899 (2170 posts) -

Happy birthday homes.

#-43 Posted by Rapid (1462 posts) -

Happy Birthday to you Mr. Ryan Davis!

#-42 Posted by Mechwing (271 posts) -

Happy Birthday Ryan Davis!.

#-41 Posted by EvilTwin (3312 posts) -

Happy Birthday Ryan!

#-40 Posted by spazmaster666 (2080 posts) -

Tanjoubi omedetou Ryan-san!

#-39 Posted by wwfundertaker (1477 posts) -

Happy Birthday.

#-38 Posted by Deusoma (3193 posts) -

It's Ryan's birthday?! I had no idea! 
Happy Birthday, Mr. Davis, you're my favourite Bomb Squad member! n_n

#-37 Posted by c_rakestraw (922 posts) -

Happy birthday, Ryan! Hope you have a good one.

#-36 Posted by defaulttag (903 posts) -

Happy birthday Mr. Ryan Davis!

#-35 Posted by VWGTI (1946 posts) -

Happy Birthday, brother!

#-34 Posted by arab_prince (2117 posts) -

Happy Birthday Ryan :)

#-33 Posted by Evilsbane (5183 posts) -

Happy Birthday Ryan!

#-32 Posted by Eaxis (1009 posts) -

Gratulerer med dagen. Happy Birthday Mr.Davis.
#-31 Posted by mracoon (5089 posts) -

Happy Birthday Ryan.

#-30 Posted by Brunchies (2501 posts) -

I had no idea it was his birthday, Happy birthday Mr. Ryan!

#-29 Posted by RoboRobb (1090 posts) -

Happy Birthday Ryan!

#-28 Posted by MrPiZzA (101 posts) -

Happy Birthday!

#-27 Posted by goforth_and_die (128 posts) -

happy birthday dog-man

#-26 Posted by ThePhantomnaut (6288 posts) -

Happy birthday duder.

#-25 Posted by Ratcabbage (269 posts) -

It's your party and you can cry if you want to.

#-24 Posted by catseye (22 posts) -

 Happy Birthday Ryan!

#-23 Posted by MikeydCT (734 posts) -

Happy birthday Ryan

#-22 Posted by luce (4056 posts) -

Good one, OP
Ryan Davis does not age

#-21 Posted by PatheticMan (90 posts) -

Happy birthday.

#-20 Posted by Cloudleet (179 posts) -

Happy Birthday! Have a great day today!

#-19 Edited by FlyingRat (1453 posts) -

Have a good one, Mr. Davis. In the case that this thread does not, ever so slightly, creep you out.

#-18 Posted by Mooshu (515 posts) -

Happy birthday, you lovable bear you.

#-17 Posted by WiqidBritt (586 posts) -

this year your birthday happens to also be National Doughnut Day... this requires a birthday cake made entirely out of doughnuts... one for each candle

#-16 Posted by zigx (94 posts) -

Happy Birthday Ryan! Make it a good one!

#-15 Posted by chogi (550 posts) -

happy bday! lets get wasted!

#-14 Posted by Mmmslash (2190 posts) -

I share a birthday with Ryan Davis, and that makes me uncomfortable!
#-13 Posted by evanbrau (1178 posts) -

Happy birthday Ryan, have a good one.

#-12 Posted by SuperBobaFett (111 posts) -

You're 7 years older than me dude, what's the future like?

#-11 Posted by Sword5 (153 posts) -

Happy Birthday Ryan. 
Enjoy the terrible movies that came out just for you!

#-10 Posted by AckbarTheGreat (423 posts) -

Happy Birthday Ryan!

#-9 Posted by Kibblez (754 posts) -


#-8 Posted by natetodamax (19421 posts) -

Ryan Davis thinks this thread is perfect and horrible.

#-7 Posted by LiquidPrince (16533 posts) -

Congrats on turning 31 years young.

#-6 Posted by destruktive (1116 posts) -

happy birthday you stallion of a man, you!

#-5 Posted by Sweep (9776 posts) -

How fucked are you now?
How fucked are you now?
How fucked are you, Ryan?
You're surely fucked now :D

#-4 Posted by HT101 (1286 posts) -

Happy birthday Mr. Davis.  Keep up the good work so we can continue to enjoy your hijinks for many years to come.

#-3 Posted by Jason_E_Sigler (142 posts) -

Happy Birthday, Duder!

#-2 Posted by HandsomeDead (11854 posts) -
@Sweep said:
" How fucked are you now? How fucked are you now? How fucked are you, Ryan? You're surely fucked now :D "
Beat me to it, so I'll just say, happy birthday. Have a drink on me and I'll get the rounds in next time there's a trip to The Pool.
#-1 Posted by Jay900 (5 posts) -

Hippy BizEarthDay Ryan!

#0 Posted by demontium (5084 posts) -

anyone order the stripper?

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