Happy Birthday, Ryan Davis!

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Today, June 4th, is Ryan's birthday! He may still have a few hours on the Pacific coast, but I don't care! He is now 32 years old. Everyone wish Ryan a Happy Birthday! 



Ryan is currently preparing for E3 (at the same house they were at last time), so let's make him some awesome birthday banners! 

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Happy Birthday, you will never see this thread. 

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Happy Birthday, Ryan.

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Happy Birthday, Virtua Davis.

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@BestUsernameEver said:

Happy Birthday, you will never see this thread.

Quoted for truthiness

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I can't wish ryan a happy birthday cause this ad is telling me I should build the perfect sandwich

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Being swamped with work on your birthday must suck,

but still Happy Birthday Ryan

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happy birthday ryan! 

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Happy Ryan Davis, Birthday!

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Happy Day of Birth Ryan!

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happy birthday, Ryan Davis!

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Happy Earthday Brian!

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Ryan the day after his birthday.
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Happy Ryanday!!

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Yet another MS Paint masterpiece
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@Fullmetal216: It's the best one we have so far. Adding it to the top!

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Feliz cumpleanos Ryan!
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@Vito_Raliffe: Huzzah! I knew my poor art skills would come in handy some day!

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Eating some kimchi soup just for you, buddy! Happy Birthday!

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happy birthday ryan!

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Happy Birthday Ryan Davis. One day you too will fight the machines. One day you too will know the horror of the future.

Good luck to you, Ryan Davis, and Godspeed.

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Happy Birthday. Be nicer to the interns!

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Happy Birthday Ryan

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Happy Birthday Ryan.

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Happy birthday Ryan!

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Happy Birthday to my favourite Ryan Davis in the world!

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Happy Birthday large laugh man.

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What a great birthday present! A week full of frantic planning and activities!

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Happy Birthday stud muffin!

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Happy Birthday, Ryan!

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Happy Birthday

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@m0rdr3d said:
Happy Birthday, you old fool!  Now bend over so daddy can spank that ass!  And, yes, you will never see this thread...I hope.
Ha, I don't. 
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@NekuSakuraba said:

Happy birthday Ryan!

That picture in the upper-right is fucking MAGICAL. Ryan must have been auditioning to play Justin Timberlake in an N'SYNC biopic. (Mean, i know. You're still awesome Ryan.)

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Happy birthday Cupcake ninja!

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@NekuSakuraba: Featured! *sunglasses smiley face*

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@Vito_Raliffe said:

@NekuSakuraba: Featured! *sunglasses smiley face*

Yes!! Thankyou. :D

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Happy birthday fucker

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Happy Birthday Duder!

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Happy birthday!!!
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Happy Birthday Ryan! May some day soon the Dark Alliance series return in your honor. 
That is, if you liked those games. If not then never mind.  
So here's to ya sport!!!

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Feliz cumpleaños Ryan!

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Happy Bday!!! :)

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Happy birthday big man. I'll play some No One Can Stop Mr. Domino today to honor you.

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happy Bday ryan

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Happy Birthday you Glorious Prick you! :-)

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Oh snap! Happy Birthday Ryan! Enjoy it! 
For he's a jolly good fellow..

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