Happy Birthday, Ryan Davis!

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I wish I had the original picture. But I believe this was taken on Ryan's birthday when he turned 30 in 2009.

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@Vito_Raliffe said:

@NickL said:

@BestUsernameEver said:

Happy Birthday, you will never see this thread.

Quoted for truthiness

Quoted for incorrectness!

Eh, only reason he saw this thread was because it was linked to him on twitter, he never comes near these forums otherwise.

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Happy Birthday Ryan! Don't open the gift that is E3 whatever you do

#104 Posted by kerse (2193 posts) -

Happy birthday dude.

#105 Posted by CaptainObvious (2990 posts) -

Happy Birthday Ryan!

#106 Posted by Skullo (689 posts) -

Happy Birthday, Ryan.

#107 Posted by Mendelson9 (455 posts) -

Happy Birthday!!!

#108 Posted by RJ (157 posts) -

Happy Birthday Ryan!

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Ryan Davis you bad ass, birthday wishes from me!

#111 Posted by Redbullet685 (6198 posts) -

Happy Birthday!

#112 Posted by dungbootle (2501 posts) -

Happy birthday, Ryan!

#113 Posted by Moth_Pope (475 posts) -

Happy birthday duder.

#114 Posted by Railith (59 posts) -

Happy Birthday Ryan.

#115 Posted by Aronman789 (2737 posts) -

Happy Birthday man! Make sure to get drunk enough for all of us.

#116 Posted by RedCream (777 posts) -

Necro thread! Anyways, Happy Birthday Ryan! Have a good one!

#117 Posted by MocBucket62 (1369 posts) -

Happy Birthday Ryan! Do as much dumb stuff that pleases you!

#118 Posted by MariachiMacabre (7097 posts) -

Fuck that guy.

#119 Edited by Canteu (2864 posts) -

Fuck Ryan Davis!

#120 Posted by FirebirdINF (283 posts) -

Happy birthday, Ryan! You are a gemene like me.

#121 Posted by TheVeteran13 (1268 posts) -

Happy Birthday! (insert cake sitting joke here)

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Happy Birthday Ryan! Your the host with most baby!

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happy birthday

from 49th

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Who's this Ryan guy, he sounds like a real class act.

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Happy Birthday Ryan!

#129 Posted by Strife777 (1735 posts) -

Happy birthday you lovely scumbag!

#130 Posted by Jamakan_Inc (96 posts) -

Happy Birthday, Ryan!

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Fuck Ryan Davis ... er...wait I mean happy birthday duder

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Don't flush it. Don't get naked and sit on it. Eat it. HBD.

#134 Posted by jiggajoe14 (1079 posts) -

Happy b-day you classy son of a bitch.

#135 Posted by BeachThunder (13146 posts) -

Wait, it's his birthday this year too?

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Happy birthing event!

#137 Posted by vorpalparasite (336 posts) -

Happy Birthday Ryan!

#138 Posted by liq (15 posts) -

Happy Birthday

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If I had Photoshop installed I would have made something, but since I don't all I can say is happy birthday!

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big up!

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Fuck you, Ryan Davis.

Oh wait, I mean Happy Birthday, Ryan Davis.

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