Mourning a Man I Never Met

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Today I am faced with a dilemma the likes of which I have never known. My life has been made demonstrably worse because of the passing of a man I never knew. I have followed Ryan Davis and the rest of the Giantbomb crew for the last seven years of my life. Every week I listen to the podcasts, and I watch the videos. Yet, now the host who’s whose charm and wit entertained me endlessly, whose simultaneously abrasive and endearing humor has molded my own, is gone. I keep hoping that someone will tell me it was all a mistake, that all of my favorite sites are wrong. That Ryan is going to come back from his honeymoon next Monday and tell a story about how out of hand his after party got. But that moment is not coming and I don’t know what to do.

Ryan was a constant in my life, a friend to hang out with for a couple of hours a week. He made me laugh, and he was one of the only people whose humor was so universal that I could share it with my friends who do not play games. His segments did not need to be qualified as game videos because they were funny and entertaining anyway. I mean hell; the man drank breast milk in public and then continued a live show without missing a beat. I will miss the hell out of his hosting and his stage presence. I wish I could have met him in person, but it seems that waiting till the next PAX is no longer an option.

I don’t know how to mourn a person who I have never met, but posting this seemed like the right thing to do. Maybe now I will be able to sleep. Rest in Peace Ryan. You are missed.

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I know how you feel, and I've had a tough time dealing with it as well. The next few weeks are going to be tough, but Giantbomb will live on. That's what's making me happy--that despite this unthinkable tragedy, we, as a community, will move on and, at the risk of sounding cliche, grow even stronger.

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I (and a bunch of others) feel your pain dude. We're in this together and we shall mourn together.

I find it kind of amazing how many people are referencing Ryan (or the Bomb Crew as a whole) as a constant in their lives, and I think that's what makes them really special to all of us. They have faces, names, they are people, not content.

Thanks for sharing, duder, stay strong!

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This is 1000% what I am feeling right now. I have read many posts about Ryan's passing but some how this one has nailed almost every single emotion I have been feeling. It is certainly one of the most confusing times of my life that I could be crying about the lose of man that I have never met. I realize that it is one of the stages of grief, but I find myself in moments of anger where I blame him for being over weight or something like that. I apologize if that comes across as mean, I truly do not mean it but it's something my mind jumps to and I hate it. I'm not a guy that uses twitter a lot but I have recently found myself constantly hitting refresh to find any bit of comfort.

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@north449: It really is amazing to see that almost every e3 bombcast guest had something to say on twitter immediately after finding out. I guess it is not that surprising that the people who have been involved with giantbomb would be mourning Ryan's passing, but as someone who rarely sees internet communities uniting over anything it is still something that brought me some solace.

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