Possible Ryan Davis/Vinny Caravella sighting?

#1 Posted by MatthewMeadows (600 posts) -

Alright, so some of you may have listened to/watched 1up's live show on stage at the end of E3. You may remember a strange dude called Keith Apicary burst in around 2 mins into the show with a toy gun and astound the 1up cast.

Turns out this dude makes videos called "Talking Classics" on youtube, and on one of his E3 videos I think I may have spotted Ryan staring in dis-belief at this guy, as well as Vinny possibly playing drums with the guy on The Beatles: Rock Band. It's pretty funny stuff.

See 3:43 into the video for Vinny's(?) and 3:50 for Ryan's (?) reaction to Keith.
#2 Posted by Scooper (7920 posts) -

That can't be Ryan, he's not wearing shorts.

#3 Posted by Drebin_893 (3028 posts) -
@Scooper said:
" That can't be Ryan, he's not wearing shorts. "

#4 Posted by Dany (8018 posts) -

That does look like ryan.

#5 Posted by MatthewMeadows (600 posts) -
@Dany said:
" That does look like ryan. "
Yeah, the Vinny I'm like 50% sure, but Ryan is like 90%.
#6 Posted by natetodamax (19421 posts) -

That Vinny look alike looks a lot like Vinny, but the Ryan one not so much.

#7 Posted by CoverlessTech (763 posts) -

Not either of them.

#8 Posted by slinky6 (567 posts) -

Um the dude you're talking about was mexican.   I'm pretty sure ryan's not mexican.

#9 Posted by MatthewMeadows (600 posts) -

Ah well, Ryan or no Ryan, his videos are pretty effin hilarious - especially if you're into physical comedy.

#10 Posted by Grilledcheez (4013 posts) -

Not them, but I did like him falling asleep on everything :D

#11 Posted by KamasamaK (2490 posts) -

That's not Ryan. And that's probably not Vinny.

#12 Posted by Out_On_Bail (1581 posts) -

At first I thought it was stupid, then I started to enjoy it.  That dude is pretty funny.  The sleeping on the escalator was hilarious.  It's funnier to watch peoples reactions when he does something rediculous.

Oh and I don't think any one of those guys is Ryan or Vinny, but they could be look-a-likes.
#13 Posted by LiquidPrince (16533 posts) -

That's neither of them...

#14 Posted by Guardian (322 posts) -
@LiquidPrince said:
" That's neither of them... "

#15 Posted by Coltonio7 (3214 posts) -

Yup, that's them.

#16 Posted by SirPsychoSexy (1368 posts) -

Looks like them to me

#17 Posted by Matthew (2144 posts) -

it miiiiiiiiiight be Vinny.  I would think Real Vinny is a little more coordinated than that.  And no way was that Ryan.

#18 Posted by SJSchmidt93 (4998 posts) -

All I see at 3:50 is a bunch of retards playing Rock Band.

#19 Posted by MKHavoc (1303 posts) -

I think you're wrong about both.

#20 Posted by spilledmilkfactory (2050 posts) -

to me it looked like them. and i thought the ending was funny

#21 Posted by Kombat (2291 posts) -

Looks like them to me.  Honestly, it'd be so hard to tell otherwise on both of them that I find it creepy that some of you have studied them thoroughly enough to disagree.

#22 Posted by bigx14 (106 posts) -

might be vinny but i dont think ryan is that tall

#23 Posted by JJOR64 (19587 posts) -

Maybe Vinny but, that is defiantly not Ryan.

#24 Posted by HoldenLaFayette (45 posts) -

It's not them. Wouldn't have even made the connection to suspect it was them.

#25 Edited by CowMuffins (1781 posts) -
Eh, under closer inspection. That's definitely not Vinny.
#26 Posted by Bucketdeth (8235 posts) -

Hahaha that video was fucking hilarious, but that did sort of look lke Vinny, but I'm not sure if that was Ryan.

#27 Posted by Disgaeamad (1404 posts) -

Although that wasn't Ryan nor Vinny, those 3 videos were hilarious. I love how he can fucking throw himself down a flight of stairs and act as if nothing had happened.

#28 Posted by JJWeatherman (14806 posts) -
@CoverlessTech said:
" Not either of them. "

#29 Posted by Griddler (3374 posts) -

I think you might be right actually. Brilliant videos nonetheless

#30 Edited by Metal_Mills (3400 posts) -

It looks like Vinny and Drew(on guitar) playing Rock Band. I always thought Ryan wore shorts though.

#31 Edited by Vigorousjammer (2857 posts) -

This guy is hilarious in these videos, but as for the "sightings" that's definitely not Ryan... but... maybe that's Vinny? Is Vinny good at Rock Band drums? Hey Vinny, if you're reading this... do you play rock band drums?

#32 Posted by EdTwo (482 posts) -

keith apicary's videos are on screw attack. hes not actually like that it's just a character

#33 Edited by Sanj (2768 posts) -

Sightings? Lol, only on this site would we consider Ryan and Vinny like celebrities.

Only a matter of time before we get papparazzi shots of Jeff getting out of the car....

Btw that video is quite hilarious, but i don't think they are either Vinny or Ryan.

#34 Edited by CitizenKane (10791 posts) -

That is not Vinny or Ryan.

#35 Posted by JoelTGM (5783 posts) -
@Sanj said:

Sightings? Lol, only on this site would we consider Ryan and Vinny like celebrities.

Only a matter of time before we get papparazzi shots of Jeff getting out of the car....

Btw that video is quite hilarious, but i don't think they are either Vinny or Ryan.

haha oh god, and people going through their trash to find out early rough drafts of reviews.
#36 Posted by FireBurger (1537 posts) -

Yeah, definitely not Ryan. Body, face, and body language are all wrong (I'm not a stalker, that just stood out to me). Maybe Vinny, but I don't think so.

#37 Posted by RHCPfan24 (8663 posts) -

That looks like Ryan, but the lack of shorts makes me think otherwise. Seriously, if he was I would be 100% sure.

#38 Posted by Muttinus_Rump (814 posts) -

It could be Vinny, but that definately aint Ryan.

#39 Posted by PeasForFees (2415 posts) -

Look at Vinny's arms he is too skinny in that video and If you can see Ryan in that Video go to an opticians

#40 Posted by jakob187 (22374 posts) -

Convincingly close, but no.  The drummer is too fat to be Vinny, and the guy walking by does not have Ryan's binary tattoo...from what I can tell in this picture:

#41 Posted by Jothel (1017 posts) -

too tall, too fat, too mexican to be ryan

#42 Posted by Gamer_152 (14303 posts) -

I don't think that's Ryan but Vinny? I'm about 50/50 on that one.

#43 Posted by regularassmilk (1683 posts) -


#44 Posted by angelkanarias (1523 posts) -

they definitively look like them

#45 Posted by chstupid (800 posts) -

Thats not Ryan but I love Keith Apicarys videos

#46 Posted by T0mF5 (937 posts) -
@Kamasama said:
"That's not Ryan. And that's probably not Vinny."

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