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Hi all,

So last night I had a strange dream. In my dream it was July 1st 2013. I rushed to Ryan (despite being in Australia) warning him but somehow he already knew. Being who he is he just winked at my concerns and kept on living every second to its fullest.

I woke up before knowing what happened. I don't know whether this was a good dream or a nightmare. Good in that I got to see Ryan again not just through old videos but new experiences. I woke up feeling quite depressed because it was just a dream and I know all we'll ever have are memories.


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I'm no dream interpreter but I'd hazard a guess that a lot of us are thinking about Ryan right now.

The only times Ryan has invaded my dreams has been when I've left my iPod on. The combination of his voice and the headphones cable coiled around my head made me think he was strangling me.

There are probably worse things in the world than being strangled by Ryan Davis.

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I posted this a while after we received the bad news in the "Who else had a crazy Ryan Davis dream last night?" thread.

"I had a dream that the Vault Hunters in Borderlands were replaced by the Powerpuff Girls. I kept reloading the save to try and get better loot from some special chest in a weird cave level, and then Ryan showed up dressed as Mojo Jojo, and then we killed him,

but that was Sunday night."

I had this dream the day before we knew what happened. I didn't think any of it at first because it was a really stupid dream, but man. Dreams do some crazy things sometimes.

The one-year anniversary is coming up. Perhaps that's the reason Ryan is manifesting in your dreams?

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Its cool that you got to see Ryan again in something besides old videos. I'm sorry about you feeling sad after the dream was over. I'd probably be that way if I had a similar dream.

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I once had a dream that I went to work for Giant Bomb except their office was in Japan (which was totally unquestioned by my dream self of course) and everyone lived in these apartment blocks that were composed entirely of clear plastic, even the elevators and everything, I think I slept in a see through plastic coffin like thing too. I didn't really remember interacting with the crew that much but I was still super super stoked during the dream and definitely got to go to the office, I vaguely remember "clocking off" and the "end of a work day" and thinking about how awesome it had been but again, never really recalled a whole lot of interactions. This was around the start of 2013.

I also had a dream about Ryan sometime after July and being majorly bummed out when i woke up so I know how you feel. I often go to sleep listening to old Bombcasts and have a GB poster and framed picture of Ryan in my bedroom so... yeah.

Next couple of weeks are gonna be rough. And then some...

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I know that feeling. I dreamed once, about three months after his passing, that Ryan had faked the whole thing as part of some scheme to get out of an agreement with a drug cartel that would have involved his kidneys being stolen. In the dream, I saw him at an airport, getting on a plane to Puerto Rico wearing a big Hawaiian shirt and dark glasses. He noticed that I recognized him and put a finger to his lips all conspiratorial-like and walked onto the jet with a grin on his face. Needless to say, I was rather sad when I woke up.

I have dreams about the GB crew semi-regularly, which, considering that I spend, at a bare minimum, an hour every day consuming their content, isn't all that surprising. My favorite GB dream involved me, Alex and Rorie fighting off zombies at the farmhouse in the second episode of the first Telltale Walking Dead season.

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Man, I should probably stop reading your dream stories, duders, since it starting to hit me again. ;_;

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That's a really interesting coincidence, I also had a dream about Ryan last night, and the GB crew don't pop up in my dreams often. In the dream I was invited by Jeff to lunch with him, Ryan, and Vinny. It was philly cheesesteaks that were exceptionally amazing. The most remarkable thing about the dream though was how vivid it was, I really felt like Ryan was there, and when I woke up I didn't feel sad because he felt very present to me. Still does almost 24 hours later.

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Well since there's a thread for this now, here's my one from a week or two ago.

It was Jeff and Ryan hosting a TV archaeology show (like Time Team, for you English people), except that it was actually a prank because while the experts were real archaeologists, all the diggers and workers were planted to be really unruly and would break out into impromptu wrestling matches against Jeff and Ryan all the time.

All in all, a totally logically consistent and appropriate dream.

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Weird. I also had a dream featuring Mr. Davis a few weeks ago. We were driving around in my car, blasting Summerjams and eating ribs. Then we accidentally ran over James Van Der Beek and buried the body together. Then I woke up and cried. God damn it, I miss Ryan so much.

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