"That's some pretty dumb shit."

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As I expect a lot of people are, I'm shocked at the loss of Ryan Davis. I didn't really know him, but I felt like I did. I listened to him, and watched him on a weekly if not daily basis, I came to trust his judgment and let him teach me all kinds of dumb shit. All of it is cataloged, like the wisdom of Jor-El, for me to refer back to at my leisure. But there it is. Sure some of it remains a mystery, videos I'd never seen, podcasts I'd not listened to, and stories I'd not heard. But that's it. That and all the crap he showed us. I, like probably a bunch of Bombardiers, met him once. It was at PAX Prime last year. It was cool. I'd actually say it was pretty rad. The highlight of my trip even. I know how much it sucks to lose people you care about, and so, to all the people who cared about him, I hope you cope with it alright. Tonight I'll have a Mountain Dew and cheap ass vodka for my fallen internet hero, White Citrus, because I'mma miss him too.

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I miss him m too chief. A lovely presence at all times from what I could tell through my earphones. Sorely missed :-)

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