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I'm sure this has been done, but a basic search didn't turn up exactly what I was looking for, so I did it myself.

THE REALEST SUMMERJAMS was Ryan's epic summer jam list. Constructed and curated in a way only Ryan could pull off. Unfortunately, I have RDIO, not Spotify, and I'm not switching. So I used to bring it over. Here it is in all its glory:


First glance, it looks accurate. However, there are about 200 songs Ryan had on the list that are not playable on Spotify anymore (probably license issues). I'm going to go through them by hand and see if I can get some of them in on RDIO. If anyone notices any other errors, let me know, and I'll fix them up. Enjoy.

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Got most of those other ones in there. Any other mistakes, songs missing, dupes, let me know.

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Wait, what do you mean? I finally used Spotify (I hate it, because I don't want a bunch of social shit and MOG has the best catalogue . . . but a shitty discovery service) so I could listen to Ryan's jams and of the 250ish songs they all seem to be there (though I'm just starting to listen, so it's not like I've gone through a huge chunk of the playlist).

Ryan has had damn good taste.

Edit: I forgot. :(

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There's more than 250. There's about 450. But some of them are greyed out in Spotify. I'm not sure why. The only way to see them all is to view the list on the web. The app filters them out.

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Whoa, okay -- I didn't realize I was missing out on a whole chunk of that list. Weird for a service that touts 16m songs and "10,000 more every day" or whatever. :/

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Are you a paying Spotify member? I kind of figured I couldn't play them because I just did the free 48 hour trial. Some of those greyed out songs are SUPER common and pretty old. I was shocked to see them greyed out.

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Hah, this is great, thanks :) I don't have Spotify, so I couldn't listen to the other playlist :(

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Thanks so much man, I hate spotify because I'm not a paying member, but I love Ryan Davis.

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