What video game reminds you most of Ryan Davis

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While listening to the bombcast last night, Patrick noted that Hotline Miami reminded him so much of Ryan.

For me, its Saints Row 3. There are few games that I hear people talking about that make me need to play them. Saints Row 3 was one of them. I had a lot of fun with that game that I doubt I would of if not for the bombcast.

I would like to give a steam version of Hotline Miami to anyone who cares enough to click on this thread.


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I didn't get the game (already own it) but I signed up just to say thanks on behalf of whoever took it, I've only been into the podcast for the last few months but Ryan was awesome as fuck so it's heartbreaking to hear this news, especially at the end of the latest podcast when the guys began to choke up. I've read in other threads that he enjoyed Super Mario Bros 3 and that happens to be one of my favorite games so I'll likely dig out the NES and try and run through it.

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Thanks! I already have it so I hope someone else gets this. That is a great game, I want replay both.

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Deadly Premonition or Chrono Trigger for me, because I watch endurance runs every few months like a crazy person. Also thanks for the game, I never played it and I feel like its a good time to. I have a copy of don't starve on steam just sitting around if anyone wants it.

edit: gave to nintendolo

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@kerse: I would be willing to buy that off you if you're interested. Feel free to add me on steam, same account name as this one.

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@kerse: I would be willing to buy that off you if you're interested. Feel free to add me on steam, same account name as this one.

you can have it for free, not like I'm doing anything with it lol

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@kerse: thanks a lot

just went and sorted out my wii to set up chrono trigger.

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Saints Row 3, played it because of him and Jeff

Assassins Creed Series because he seemed to really like and enjoy those games, also seemed to review them all too

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Deadly Premonition and then if we're not talking video games strictly... Cards against humanity!

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Saints Row: The Third for sure. If Ryan had made a videogame, I feel like it would've been similar to Saints Row 3/4

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance because he was the only one who genuinely liked the shit out of that game. Also every Dragon Ball Z game since he did a ton of quicklooks of those games with Vinny. And, of course, Sim Golf.

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I know they weren't his favorite games (I've heard SMB3 is his fav?), but both Saints Row 3 and Hotline Miami seemed to best fit his tastes/personality. He really loved stylistic murder/good dumb shit.

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Saints row 3.. and upcoming 4, I'm not going to be able to play either of those without thinking of him anymore.

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Deadly Premonition is a big one. Just his enthusiasm for the crazy shit that happens in the story. Also the Red Dead Redemption title card.

Definitely Civ V as well! Those quick looks got me to dive right in without any prior experience.

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Civ, Assassin's Creed, Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Dance Central (and Kinect as a whole).

...oh, and Dante's Inferno.

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