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151731 AMyggen Game Overview 12/28/14 01:22PM 1 Approved
86123 BeachThunder Game Overview 02/01/14 02:08AM 6 Approved
86122 BeachThunder Game Overview 02/01/14 02:07AM 41 Approved
33512 l3illyl3ob Game Overview 06/01/13 01:06PM 8 Approved
33509 l3illyl3ob Game Overview 06/01/13 01:01PM 1 Approved
33497 l3illyl3ob Game Overview Filling it out with much more detailed information. Still need more precise information about victory conditions. 06/01/13 12:46PM 198 Approved
29389 onimonkii Game Overview it's 05/11/13 10:17AM 1 Approved
28629 eloj Game Overview This is the correct direct translation. The word for "Space shuttle" is "Rymdfärja", not "Rymdkapsel". 05/08/13 01:55AM 2 Approved
28369 Flavbot Game Overview 05/07/13 02:19PM 5 Approved
28349 RosT Game Overview 05/07/13 12:50PM 4 Approved
28321 eloj Game Overview Take it or leave it, I don't care. 05/07/13 11:22AM 3 Approved
27690 BlackLagoon Game Overview 05/05/13 09:43AM 34 Approved
26866 BlackLagoon Game Overview 05/01/13 05:24PM 15 Approved
26865 BlackLagoon New Release 05/01/13 05:23PM 7 Approved

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