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The R.Y.N.O, or 'Rip You a New One', is an extremely over-powered weapon featured throughout the Ratchet & Clank series. It first becomes available for purchase on the planet of Rilgar, in the original game. Not for sale in any Gadgetron vendors, players were only able to purchase the weapon through a somewhat shady salesman, for the princely sum of 150,000 bolts. An upgrade for the RYNO was also available - the RYNOCERATOR, which increased the power even further. It typically has a large ammo supply, as well as the ability to fire many rounds at once and often a quick re-load.
In later games, variations were made to the weapon such as the RYNO II, the RY3NO (later upgraded to Rynocirator) and RYNO IV (upgraded to RYNO-4-Ever). Of the console games, Ratchet: Deadlocked was the only iteration not to feature any form of the RYNO, instead the Harbinger was featured as the game's primary over-powered weapon.

Ratchet and Clank

It will Rip You A New One.

The first Generation of RYNO technology, the R.Y.N.O was available from the shady salesman in Blackwater city for 150,000 bolts.

Originally manufactured by the Blarg considered extremely rare and expensive. It fired seven individual missiles simultaneously, which immediately sought and destroyed various targets. It also had a surprisingly high rate of fire, considering its size and caliber. 

Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando

The R.Y.N.O II

The RYNO II was a massively powerful missile launcher manufactured by Gadgetron, as an update to the original RYNO. Like its predecessor, it was extremely expensive at 1,000,000 Bolts, and hard to come by - only the still-functioning Gadgetron Vendor at Gadgetron's old facility in Vukovar Canyon on Barlow sold it, however when you enter Challenge Mode it became available at every Megacorp vendor. Unlike the original RYNO, it fires out missiles at a much faster rate like machinegun,  although the rockets did not home in on enemies as well as the original RYNO.'s missiles. It should be noted that the RYNO II could kill the Mutant Protopet on Yeedil in a matter of seconds.

Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal

The RY3NO is a powerful Gadgetron weapon that launches eight separate missiles at its targets, each going after an individual enemy or crate. Most notably, it was the first RYNO that can be upgraded, most importantly four times, after which it was then named the Rynocirator. It acts like the Zodiac weapon when fired, eliminating all enemies in view; showing that Gadgetron seemed to have morphed the two weapons together.

Ratchet: Deadlocked

The Harbinger
The Harbinger was a Weapon created by Vox Industries as an answer to Gadgetron's RYNO and the Apocalator. This devastating superweapon caused a large number of devastating laser blasts to beam down upon any enemies in the vicinity, causing instant and total annihilation. At V10, it upgraded into the even more powerful Supernova.The technology used in the weapon was directly stolen from the RYNO meaning that this might as well be a RYNO.

Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools Of Destruction

The latest in RYNO technology

The RYNO IV or Rip You A New One four is a super weapon that has been banned in eight galaxies. It is powerful enough to have a law meaning that anyone mentioning the weapon could be put in jail for a long time. Unlike its predecessors, the RYNO IV was not a missile launcher, but nevertheless dealt the most damage of any weapon in the game. When fired, the RYNO IV charged for a fraction of a second, and then launched a fleet of long-range homing lasers at an incredibly rapid rate that sought out and vaporized all obstacles around the user almost instantly.]
Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack In Time
The RYNO V operated by releasing a number of rockets towards its target(s). While firing the weapon, it played the 1812 Overture, a classic Tchaikovsky piece that's known for loud bursts of music sounding like cannon fire. The RYNO V mainly launched hails of missiles in a spraying formation but, in tune with the 1812 Overture, it launched an missile from the center barrel of the gun while the outer barrels sprayed bullets in a similar fashion to two overlapping miniguns.  The weapon was obtained by collecting ten holo-plans and giving them to the The Smuggler. The weapon had 1500 rounds of ammo at its base level.  It could be considered to have shotgun, rocket launcher and machine gun properties. The bullets lost power from distance and they also sprayed. Unlike a shotgun, the outer barrel was automatic and consistently sprayed bullets. The rocket launcher property was the fact that it released a pair of rockets every five seconds.

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