Sega's Ryo Hazuki Fork Lift Figurine

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Yep, I better win this. Shenmue is the one of the greatest games of ALL TIME. 
F alllll of you that disagree.

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@Linkyshinks: Yeah, I know. I am well aware of the Giant Bomb staff's thoughts on this.  >:(  But it's all good! =D  
I just want my forklift!
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i'm pissed my local game seller doesn't have shenmue I NEED THIS GAME :,( *sob sob sob* WHY!!!!!!!!!! lol jk but i do need it

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@pwn4g3IEE7:  If you own a DC, almost all of them play games burned to CD-r's. It's a pretty victimless crime, unless you account for the future DC re-releases planned, but those aren't for the actual DC, so it's kind of a null point.

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