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Ryoji first appears late in the game as a transfer student to Gekkoukan High from overseas. He is highly flirtatious around girls and asks a number of them out on his first day. Junpei quickly befriends him. Aigis, however, stays highly suspicious of him and describs him as "dangerous." He becomes friends with the rest of the SEES members as well, excluding Aigis, who remains strangely cautious of him. At some point later in the game, Ryoji's past is revealed. Aigis meets Ryoji in the Moonlight Bridge and both of them remember what happened on the same location they were standing on.

It seems that ten years ago, Aigis was created by the Kirijo Group not just as an anti-Shadow android, but her primary mission was to defeat Death.


Aigis prepares to attack Ryoji in the Moonlight Bridge.
Ryoji was born out of the twelve Arcana Shadows during the incident relating to the origin of Shadows, Tartarus and Dark Hour. Ryoji was born as Death, the thirteenth Arcana with the power of all twelve Shadows. Ten years ago, Aigis and Death had a battle at the Moonlight Bridge. Unable to defeat Death, Aigis did what she thought was necessary and sealed Death away, inside a young boy, who happened to be Minato Arisato. Ryoji, regaining his memories and the frightening purpose of his existence, defeats Aigis. She would be then taken to the Kirijo Group for repairs.

Harbinger of Death

Ryoji reveals Nyx to the SEES members.
The SEES members interrogate Ryoji, and reveals to them that he exists so that he can summon Nyx into the world and bring about The Fall. But Ryoji is different than before. Having been sealed inside Minato, he gained physical traits and experienced life as a human being, first in the form of Pharos, the mysterious boy who constantly showed up in the main character's dreams. Ryoji gives them a choice; to either kill him and temporarily delay The Fall, or choose to try to face Nyx, which he deems her impossible to defeat.

Good or Bad Ending

The player has these two choices to think about. Killing Ryoji would trigger the bad ending and choosing not to kill him will expand the game to January 31st and would have to face Nyx as the final boss of the game.

In the bad ending, the screen blacks out and all you hear is the sound of the Evoker. The game advances to Graduation Day, where everyone forgets about their adventures that began in the school year, and as Ryoji promised, The Fall is only delayed temporarily. Shorty after, Nyx comes down and destroys the world.
Choosing to kill him or let him live triggers the bad or good ending.
In the good ending, however, Ryoji will tell the SEES members how to reach and fight Nyx. The game then is extended for another month, giving the player that much time to prepare for the final battle. Many opportunities will be unlocked and possible to access. When the player reaches January 31st, the player gets to fight Nyx at the top of Tartarus. After defeating her, the good ending is triggered and it is deemed the canonical ending. 

Ryoji Social Link

 In both Persona 3 and Persona 3 FES for the Playstation 2, the main protagonist could not create a social link with Ryoji. However one of the major changes that came along with the PSP version of Persona 3 was the ability as the Female Protagonist to create a Social Link with Ryoji Mochizuki. Ryoji's social link represents the Fortune Arcana and takes the place of Keisuke Hiraga who was the original Fortune Arcana Social Link. The social link will begin automatically on the 9th of November and requires no prerequiste conditions like some other socials links found in the game.

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