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Handa is a legend among indie musicians. His guitar skills are top class; even Tonoya claimed that Handa was superior to him. When Handa was young, he traveled the world to play. His wife left him because she couldn't get used to his lifestyle. Handa inherited his wealth from his parents. He rents out several apartments which he left under the management of others.

Handa revealed that he knew Tomo ever since she was in middle school. He explained that she was very picky about recommending bands and assumed that the Second Literature Club band must be that good.

Kira Kira

Chapter 2: Road to Ruin?

Chie and Handa

On Chie's path, Tomo suggested that the band go to Kobe to meet Handa. At Kobe, the group watched a performance at a live house. There, Kirari found Handa. He hinted to be interested in Chie. Handa offered them dinner and a night at his house.

That night, Chie was unable to sleep. She found Handa drinking and he invited her to a nearby park where he played his guitar for her. Later, they returned to his house and they discovered that Shikanosuke was looking for them and was worried for Chie.

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