Whatever happened to this game?

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So thinking back to E3 2010 I remembered the trailer for Codename: Kingdoms which was played at Microsoft's press conference. Probably the only reason i remembered this is due to the fact that it was one of the only new IP's announced last year that I can recall (which is disappointing as all people really have to look forward to nowadays are sequels in the same few franchises, but that's another story). But anyway, I was wondering what on earth has happened to this game? It's gone a whole year without any information being given out which is slightly worrying. It hasn't been axed has it?

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You could try looking in the WikiPages or Google it, besides that I have no clue, sorry :)
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No, it changed developers from Crytek Budapest to Crytek Frankfurt and is supposedly Kinect enabled. I suspect we will hear more at E3 this year.

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@kuz101: Kinect enabled? Eeeuuurrrghh. I guess I no longer give a shit about this game then.
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@Djeffers03: I wouldn't write off the game completely. I think it is a Child of Eden type deal where Kinect is optional. Besides, we have heard nothing about the game itself.
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@kuz101: True but looking at all the other Kinect releases the future does not look bright for this game, at least if the whole Kinect thing is true in the first place.
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In the report that the game was switching studios, they called it a "first person melee kinect game". So i've already written it off.

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@Djeffers03 said:
@kuz101: Kinect enabled? Eeeuuurrrghh. I guess I no longer give a shit about this game then.
My thoughts exactly. As much as i like being a greco-roman badass, no i'd rather wrap my blanky around myself and swing a ruler than play a Kinect game.

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