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Ryudo is the main protagonist of Grandia II. Initially rude toward people, with a very sarcastic and cynical attitude, he later comes to terms with the causes of his bitter behavior, which stems from traumatic events in his past. His character develops substantially throughout the game, as he learns through experiences with his friends and teammates about the concept of caring for others.

Ryudo is typically accompanied by his talking bird, Skye, and even though they spend most of the time mocking one another, they can't live without each other. At the beginning of the game, Ryudo has just completed a mission as a Geohound, and is preparing for some time off. However, he instead discovers a new task for him, requested by the church of Granas. He must accompany and protect a young Songstress of Granas named Elena on her way to Garmia Tower for a ceremony to strengthen a magical seal. At the tower, however, complications arise, and Ryudo is reluctantly brought into a long quest and a frenetic series of events, during which he discovers himself, how to love, and how to be a true hero.

His stats remain at an average throughout the game, but his attack is his best attribute. His moves include Tenseiken Slash, Purple Lightning, and Flying Tenseiken. Following Melfice's death, he can learn Sky Dragon Slash. Ryudo attacks using a sword.

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