For those having problems running Silent Storm

#1 Posted by Gordy (205 posts) -

A fix I found for Win7 64bit users:

Silent Storm refuses to run on Windows 7 64bit, stating that the videocard is unsupported. This is due to the game not being able to properly handle more than 4GB of RAM.
  1. Download patch version 1.2 (UK) here
  1. Obtain the NO-CD patch for version 1.2
  1. Download the Silent Storm videocard fix here
  1. Install patch version 1.2 (UK)
  1. Overwrite the Silent Storm executable named game.exe in the Silent Storm folder with the NO-CD patch
  1. Open ss_videocardfix.exe and press the three dots (…)
  1. Navigate to the Silent Storm folder and select game.exe
  1. Click on Start

Also, grab the S2 GFX Configurator (Full) from this page for extra graphics options that aren't on the ingame options menu:

Any other issues you might have is probably adressed in this forum, which seems to be one of the last active Silent Storm forums:

#2 Posted by Cameron (607 posts) -

Thanks for this. I haven't tested it as I don't have my gaming computer near me at the moment. I've had Silent Storm sitting useless on my HDD for months. Maybe I can finally play it again.

#3 Posted by bushwhacker2k (1 posts) -

Been trying to get this to work, my problem (which evidently has never been mentioned on any site google has access to) is that when I try to run the ss_videocardfix I get an error message stating that it can't find the file, even though I just selected it. I'm pretty sure the problem is because ss_videocardfix is made for an 8.9 megabyte file, but the 1.2 patched and cracked version are 8.7 megabytes and thus it won't accept it.


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