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Aside from a new story line involving a splinter group of "Thor's Hammer," new weapons, items, and missions, the key differences from the core version of the game revolve around the introduction of a monetary system. The player is rewarded at the end of each mission with cash, which varies depending on their performance during said mission (completing optional objectives, penalizing civilian casualties, and so on). Players can no longer simply take items from the armory between missions for free, but the trade off is that the arms dealer in the armory is usually selling weapons that are on par or greater than what the enemy is equipped with. The pool of operatives must also be hired now, instead of simply recruited. Again, the trade off being that certain operatives are already at higher levels with pre-defined skill tree unlocks. This allows the player to build their team as they progress through-out the game, without worrying about taking on a new, under-leveled operative later on.

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