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Sa Gojo (also known as Master Gojo) is a conflicted character from Saiyuki: Journey West. He believes doing the right thing and has a clear sense of right and wrong, but his ability to transform into a fish monster has left him bitter about his life. It's easiest for him to constantly move around instead of settling down. He gets a little better about his circumstances after Sanzo and his friends rescue him several times. Depending on what route the player takes, it's possible to learn that he was originally a human magician who hunted monsters. He was eventually cursed by a monster and his soul was sealed in a fish. He joins Sanzo's journey to India to repay him for saving his life.


Gojo is aligned with the element of water and has the unique ability to regain HP by standing in water. He uses a pole weapon known as a moonblade and can attack up to two squares away. Stat wise, he's somewhere in the middle with the exception of his low HP for being an offensive character. When he transforms to become the River Lord, his monstrous fish form, he gains several area attacks and sometimes causes status effects like lowered defense and poison.

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