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Saber served Kiritsugu Emiya during the fourth Holy Grail War, then served Shirou Emiya in the fifth Holy Grail War. She is resolute, driven, stoic, and self-sacrificing. Saber suppresses her emotions to the point of appearing mechanical. She puts herself forward as a warrior and leader first before a woman.

Saber loves lions and she has a voracious appetite. She enjoys the wonderful meals that Shirou and Sakura prepares but gets terribly upset if she is not fed on time.

As the Saber class, Arturia specializes in wielding swords. Arturia herself is one of the most powerful Servant to ever grace the Holy Grail War. She is near-impervious to magical attacks, has extremely sharp combat instincts, and has the ability to channel her magical energy to enhance the power of her strikes.



As a Heroic Spirit summoned under the Servant class system, Saber goes by her class name when she is summoned into modern Japan during the Holy Grail War.

Her true identity is that of Arturia Pendragon, daughter of Uther Pendragon and true heir to the throne of England. In the fiction written by Type-Moon writer Nasu Kinoko, King Arthur's true gender was a closely guarded secret and thus was not preserved in popular myth. In most other aspects, however, her story is closer to conventional tellings of the Arthurian legend.


Because Arturia was the sole daughter of Uther Pendragon and Igraine, King Uther realized that his subjects would never accept a female heir and so did not openly announce or recognize her birth. Instead, Merlin the sorcerer oversaw her upbringing under the care of Sir Ector, who raised her as a squire and a son.

Years later, King Uther died without an heir, and England was plunged into turmoil during the ensuing power vacuum and impending invasion by the Saxons. Merlin approached Arturia, a girl of fifteen, and told her that the English people would recognize her as their king if she were to pull the ceremonial Sword in the Stone, Caliburn, from its base. However, he also warned her that it would also mean shouldering the hardships of an entire nation and the burdens of a monarch. Nonetheless, Arturia pulled Caliburn from the stone without regard for her self or gender, and assumed her position as the rightful King of England.

Under her reign and the guidance of Merlin and the Knights of the Round Table, England prospered and King Arthur earned the reputation of a fair, if distant, ruler. At some point, Arturia's original sword was lost, but she obtained the famous blade Excalibur and its sheath Avalon from the Lady of the Lake. With the healing powers of Avalon at her side, Arturia ceased to age, and became immortal in battle.

Nonetheless, the realm was not free of unrest. Despite her just reign, many were also critical King Arthur for her apparent lack of emotion and humanity, because Arturia was constantly suppressing her own feelings and interests for the good of the kingdom. While being away on a campaign securing the kingdoms' borders, her blessed sheath was stolen. King Arthur returned to find England thrown into chaos by civil unrest. In the ensuing war, she was mortally wounded by the traitor Mordred.

As in the traditional legend, King Arthur ordered Sir Bedivere three times to return Excalibur to the Lady of the Lake. In Bedivere's absence, she quietly reflected on her failures as a king and appealed to the world to grant her a chance to change history and relive her life so that someone more capable could take the throne. The will of the world accepted her plea in exchange for services as a Heroic Spirit, and Arturia became eligible to participate in the Holy Grail War as a Servant despite still being alive. She is summoned directly through time from her dying moments, to try again and again for the Holy Grail until her wish is granted.

Fate/Stay Night


Are you my Master?

On the night of February 2nd, Lancer hunted Shirou down at his home. Shirou managed to summon Saber and she dueled against Lancer. Lancer used his Noble Phantasm, Gae Bolg in attempt to kill Saber but she survived due to her combat instinct and luck. Lancer then retreated shortly after.

Saber recovered quickly and she detected the presence of Rin and Archer outside of Shirou's home and she engaged them. Saber quickly struck Archer down and cornered Rin but Shirou stopped her assault after recognizing Rin. If the player chooses to consume a Command Spell to stop Saber, the story advances to Unlimited Blade Works.

Saber injured

Saber then followed Rin and Shirou to the church. Illyasviel and Berserker ambushed Shirou, Saber, and Rin after they left the church. Berserker overpowered Saber but Shirou took his finishing blow in her place. Illyasviel was shocked by his foolish action and retreated.

Rin then brought Shirou back to his home to patch him up. If the player's relationship with Sakura is high, the story advances to Heaven's Feel. Otherwise, the story advances to Fate.


The next day, Saber obtained her casual clothes from Rin. She explained that she will withhold her true identity for fear that a skilled magus could extract the information from Shirou. Saber also wanted to sleep in the same room as Shirou to protect him but he insisted that she sleep in the next room because he sees her as a girl.

Assassin vs Saber

2 days later, Shirou told Saber that there is a Servant at Ryudou Temple. Saber wanted to defeat him but Shirou forbade her, agreeing with Rin that it may be a trap. That night, Saber assaulted the temple by herself. There she met and dueled Assassin. She recognized Assassin as a significant threat and decided to unleash the full power of her sword.

Assassin noticed another Servant spying on their duel and requested that they end the fight there to prevent Saber from revealing her identity. Shirou then appeared and brought Saber home.

Rin suggested that Shirou learn to defend himself. Saber taught him sword-fighting.

On February 8th, Shirou consumed a Command Spell to summon Saber to fight against Rider. Shirou injured Shinji and Rider dispelled her boundary field.

The next night, Shirou and Saber found Rider in town. She brought the fight to the rooftop of a high rise building and used their Noble Phantasms. Rider was defeated. Shirou carried the exhausted Saber home.

Shirou and Saber wielding Caliburn

The following day, Shirou was kidnapped by Illyasviel. Saber, Rin, and Archer came to his rescue. Illyasviel found them and sent Berserker to attack them. Archer dueled Berserker to allow the others to run. They found an abandoned shack where Rin helped Shirou perform a ceremony to give Saber some magical energy.

The next day, Shirou projected Caliburn, the sword that Saber pulled from the sword to defeat Berserker. Illyasviel was stunned by her loss that she passed out. Shirou carried her home and insisted that she stays, much to Rin and Saber's dismay.

2 days later, Saber explained how she became a Servant and that she was wanted the Holy Grail to fulfill her wish to save her country; and in doing so, her life will end. She also revealed that she participated in the previous war as Kiritsugu's Servant and mentioned that she was upset that Kiritsugu ordered her to destroy the Holy Grail. Saber also explained that she couldn't turn into spirit form because she had not died to become a Heroic Spirit.

Saber's resolve

The next day, Shirou brought Saber out on a date. At the end of the date, Saber re-affirmed her desire to save her country. Shirou was frustrated because he couldn't help her.

Later that night, Gilgamesh attacked them. Shirou managed to project Avalon, Excalibur's sheath to protect him and Saber from Gilgamesh's Noble Phantasm, Enuma Elish. They retreated after that.

The following day, Saber rescued Shirou from Kotomine's hands. Lancer allowed Shirou and Saber to escape and Gilgamesh killed him for his betrayal.

Later, Saber deduced that her missing sheath, Avalon was inside of Shirou, granting him supernatural self-healing. She had also decided to destroy the Holy Grail and that she no longer seeks its power for her wish.

When they returned home, they discovered that Kotomine and Gilgamesh had attacked Rin and kidnapped Illyasviel. Rin explained that Illyasviel's heart is the vessel of the Holy Grail and that Kotomine had gone to Ryudou Temple to summon the Holy Grail. Shirou then returned Avalon to Saber to complete her Noble Phantasm and performed another ceremony to give Saber more magical energy.

Continuation of the Dream

That night at Ryudou Temple, Assassin wasn't seen again. Gilgamesh requested a duel with Saber and sent Shirou to fight against Kotomine. Kotomine was watching over the opening of a gate that will unleash the great evil that was in the Holy Grail. Both Saber and Shirou used Avalon simultaneously to block their opponent's deadly attack and promote their own.

Finally, Shirou consumed a Command Spell to order Saber to destroy the contents of the Holy Grail using her Noble Phantasm, Excalibur. Saber confessed her feelings for Shirou before she faded away. She then returned to her time and passed away peacefully.

In the chapter called "Last Episode" which is unlocked after obtaining all endings, Saber was waiting for Shirou in the afterlife. Shirou recalled his time with Saber during the fifth Holy Grail War and she happily welcomed him.

Unlimited Blade Works

Saber was deeply affected by Archer's rants regarding Shirou's ideals, as it closely mimics her own.

Caster's Rule Breaker on Saber

On February 12th, Saber followed Shirou and Rin on their date. When they return, they discover Caster holding Fujimura hostage. Saber tried to attack Caster to free Fujimura but Shirou consumed a Command Spell to stop her attack. She was stabbed by Caster's Rule Breaker and Caster took Saber as her Servant and retreated.

Caster then claimed the church as her base and ousted Kotomine. She subjected Saber to her Command Spell to bend Saber to her will and Saber spent her energy and will resisting it.

The next day, Shirou, Rin, and Archer confronted Caster. Archer decided to betray Rin and ally with Caster, claiming that she has the highest chance of winning now that she had obtained Saber.

2 days later, Shirou, Rin, and Lancer confronted Caster again. Archer killed Caster and Kuzuki and tried to kill Shirou. Rin then took Saber as her Servant and she fought Archer off. Saber became more powerful as Rin's Servant due to her increased magical energy reserve. Saber then promised to bear witness to Shirou and Archer's duel due to her promise that she will accompany Shirou for the duration of the war. She also voiced her suspicion that Archer was Shirou.

On February 17th, Shirou, Saber, and Rin assaulted Ryudou Temple to stop Gilgamesh from opening the gate of the Holy Grail. There, Saber dueled Assassin again. She managed to defeat him this time. Rin later consumed a Command Spell to order Saber to destroy the Holy Grail.

In the normal ending, Saber lived with Shirou and Rin sustained by Rin's magical energy. In the true ending, Saber disappeared along with the Holy Grail.

Heaven's Feel

Saber trapped in the black shadow

On February 9th, Shirou and Saber investigated Ryudou Temple. There, True Assassin ambushed Shirou and Saber locked him in the temple's main hall to protect him. She dueled against True Assassin but she was devoured by Sakura's shadow. Saber was taken as Sakura's Servant and was corrupted by her involuntary Servant Avenger, Angra Mainyu.

Later on the 10th, Zouken, True Assassin, Sakura, and Saber attacked the Einzbern castle. Saber dueled and defeated Berserker and he was devoured by Sakura.

On the 16th, Shirou and Kotomine went to Einzbern castle to rescue Illyasviel. Saber witnessed Shirou defeating Berserker and answered Sakura's summon.

The next day, Shirou, Rin, and Rider confronted Sakura. Saber allowed Rin through to meet Sakura and fought against Shirou and Rider. Shirou projected Rho Aias to help Rider's Bellerophon overcome Saber's Excalibur to defeat her. Shirou then used the Azoth Dagger to kill Saber.

Saber Alter

Saber Alter

The corrupted version of Saber after she was devoured by Angra Mainyu and became Sakura's Servant. She lost her ahoge, the lock of hair that sticks off the top of her head.

Saber gained an increase in power in exchange for a reduction in speed. She is able to launch her Noble Phantasm Excalibur without reserve due to Sakura's immense supply of magical energy.




The sword from the stone that Arturia pulled out to signify her as the ruler of England.

As a ceremonial sword, it is weaker than Excalibur as a weapon but Arturia seems to be more attached to Caliburn. In legend, Caliburn broke because King Arthur fought in a battle which went against the principles of chivalry.

Shirou projected it once to defeat Berserker on the Fate route.



Saber's sword that she wields after losing Caliburn.

Excalibur, the Sword of Promised Victory, was given to Arturia by the Lady of the Lake, Vivian. It is the most powerful holy sword forged by the planet.

In King Arthur's last moments, he requested Bedivere to return Excalibur to the Lady of the Lake.



The sheath of Excalibur.

Avalon is said to grant immortality to its wielder. It allowed Arturia to retain her youth. Avalon was stolen shortly before the Battle of Camlann, the battle on a hill of swords.

Avalon was later discovered and given to Kiritsugu as the catalyst to summon Saber. It was then passed to Shirou which remains undiscovered until late on the Fate route where he returned it to Saber.

Black Excalibur

Black Excalibur

The dark version of Excalibur that Saber wields when she became corrupted by Angra Mainyu.

Just as the Ladies of the Lake, Vivian and Morgana can coexist, Excalibur also possess both a light and dark form.

Magic Armor

Saber's armor is materialized using her magical energy. She can summon her armor at will. Saber will deactivate her armor to reduce her energy consumption.

Noble Phantasm

Invisible Air

Invisible Air

Saber's initial Noble Phantasm which is always active.

Her sword is surrounded by a dense layer of air which refracts light which makes her sword effectively invisible. This serves to keep the identity of her sword and her self secret and to hide the length and shape of her sword to fool her opponents.

The air can be released as an attack. She used it once against True Assassin on the Heaven's Feel route.



Saber's attack which she uses Excalibur to amplify her magical energy to launch a powerful ranged attack.

Excalibur was used against Rider, Gilgamesh, and the Holy Grail on the Fate route, and on the Holy Grail on the Unlimited Blade Works route.


Avalon is the ultimate defense, impervious to all attacks. It also grants its wielder rapid health regeneration. Saber used it to defend against Gilgamesh's Enuma Elish in their second duel.

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