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Count Von Saberwulf was inflicted by lycanthropy by a wolfbite many years ago. He became a recluse, living in his castle in a remote mountain tower. A number of years ago, his worst fears were realized when he failed to revert to his human form. Saberwulf is convinced to enter the Killer Instinct tournament after Ultratech promises him a cure if he wins the tournament.

However, Saberwulf was badly beaten during the Killer Instinct tournament. He was captured by Ultratech and driven insane by their 'repairs'. He lives only for revenge during Killer Instinct 2.

In Killer Instinct 2, his ending changes depending on if he kills Glacius or not. If you kill Glacius, he continues to search for a cure until he finds a way back to his normal time, where he finds his life is emptier than ever, his only achievement his petty revenge. If you don't kill Glacius, Saberwulf regrets leaving a member of the race that he made a mortal enemy alive. Eventually, he succumbs to the beast inside and loses all humanity.

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