Anyone pre-ordering JUST for the stuffed Sackboy?

#1 Posted by Yit (761 posts) -

I don't even own a PS3. I' m pre-ordering.
Where exactly do I preorder for a sackboy?

#2 Posted by Red (5994 posts) -

Whaddya mean stuffed sackboy? You get a Sackboy sack (Or the strategy guide, I forget which) at and an in-game Kratos Sackboy on Gamestop and the Nariko Sackgirl on Bestbuy

#3 Posted by Kush (8889 posts) -

There is no plushie with any pre-order...I don't know what you're talking about.

#4 Posted by Yit (761 posts) -

Oh, really?

*hopes crushed*

#5 Posted by Kush (8889 posts) -

If you want one, you can pre-order it here.

#6 Edited by suneku (2997 posts) -

I want a real Nariko stuffed plushie...not just for in game =(

#7 Posted by Kush (8889 posts) -
suneku said:
"I want a real Nariko stuffed plushie...not just for in game =("
I want an in-game Gizmo because Gizmo is awesome!

#8 Posted by Joker (675 posts) -
Don't get water on him please!

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