How do you manage your combat arts?

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I was playing Sacred 2 a bit over the weekend. I entered a dungeon and noticed a tip on the loading screen that told me I should not try to learn all the combat arts. I have already learned all of them. Will this cause me a problem? Will they somehow be less effective since I have learned them all, or does the tip just mean that I should focus on leveling only a few of them? I knew that on my 360 version, I didn't have enough slots to slot them all, but I assumed I was supposed to make combos to get them all in there. How do you manage your combat arts? What strategies are you using?

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It probably meant you should focus. 
The biggest problem with levelling arts is each level generally increases the regeneration time by quite a bit. Slotting runes into armour halves that penalty, so a lot of people recommend only levelling an art once, and making up the difference with skill-boosting equipment. 
I'm not a fan of min-maxing personally, so I've levelled my go-to skills a few times; but I've been experimenting with concentration, stamina and armour-slotting too.

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