Worth the $25 off XBL!

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Picked this up last Friday off XBL for $25 (I think). So far I've been diggin the game. The graphics aren't that great and yeah it's buggy like everyone says but it's also a pretty good time, imo. Lots of funny quips and awesome Blind Guardian power metal that plays during mob fights. The menu's are pretty bland, but the game is massive and there is a ton of shit to do. Reminds me of a 3D Diablo-esque experience so far, something I don't have a lot of experience with. What initially drew me to the game was the online co-op aspects. Not many RPG's allow for a quality co-op experience (here's looking at you Fable 2) so I'm looking forward to firing this up with a buddy. As much fun as I'm having playing the evil Warrior of Death, I'm sure he will be even more enjoyable playing with a friend. For the sheer size of this game and all it offers, I say it's well worth the $25. I'll probably invest way more time into Sacred 2 than I ever did with Oblivion.

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I still go back to playing it every so often on 360.  Actually played a day or two recently with the hubby. 
In case you've never played this game before,  

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$25 is an awful lot over XBL. Just out of curiosity, how big is the game in size (GBs)?

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it's not a bad game at all, espcially if you love loot
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Picked it up on Steam for $9.99 last week. The amount of Blind Guardian is indeed hilarious. 
Haven't played much of it yet though. It's bugginess on Windows 7 was driving me away, but I think that was solved by just putting it in compatibility mode. Kept exiting the game automatically if you didn't get through the main menus quickly enough.

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I've been playing this game with a buddy, and really been enjoying it.

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This is a strange game with some really strange quests, I don't know if it's worth 25$ but I enjoyed it.

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Sacred 2 is a game that I picked up because I found it on the cheaps and said "sure, I like loot".  If you are willing to overlook the frame rate lag, loading times in towns and high-density areas, and some of the other bugs that pop up, that game is super fucking sweet.  I love the way it handles skills, talents, and such.  I will say that I feel a bit OP as fuck in that game, but that's the point, right?  It also satiates that loot whore syndrome pretty goddamn well. 
Also, you should make sure to do the Blind Guardian quest line.  The music video for that in the game is pretty cool, especially when you are super tired at 3:00am and don't even realize what is going on and totally missed the fact that you were doing quests for the members of Blind Guardian, then loud symphonic heavy metal starts blaring!

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As a diehard BG fan, I've gotta say I was a bit freaked the fuck out by that music video. I mean, it was simultaneously awesome and the worst thing I've ever seen. 
Gotta say though, that track's actually one of the standouts on their most recent CD, which is generally... not terribly great.

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@ATrevelan: Well, there's too much symphony nowadays and not enough Blind Guardian.  Still love that track, though.
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It's so old school it hurts. Still, the world was interesting and I am not adverse to a large helping of humour. That said, the quest where you find aliens experimenting on people in the mountains was too fucking much for me. That was about the time I picked up something I would be happier with.

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Ahh yes! Looking forward to the Blind Guardian quest(s). I actually first found out about the game from you. I was asking about co-op RPG's on consoles and it was one of the titles you recommended to me, so thank you for that!
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Been trudging through it...I really don't like it at all

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Sadly, I picked this up for PC along with a friend so we could play online coop, only to find out that the servers for NA and EU were separate, and with Ascaron having bitten the dust there is no chance for us to coop this game. Because of this I have not felt the urge to even play this game solo. :(

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I got this game for the PS3 a while back. But man, I've never seen such terrible pop-in and framerate in a game. Like it was really bad.

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I was sooo tempted by this when it came out on Xbox way back when, as I had just been playing the original Sacred after getting it free. I thought that an updated version surely must be good fun, but didn't wanna spend £40 on it. 
Might search it out on Steam now.

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