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While not changing any of the game's core mechanics, Ice and Blood added the "Dragon Mage" class to the game and added new areas and quests to Sacred 2.

The full list of features :

  • 2 new regions - The blood-soaked Cursed Forest and the Crystal Region
  • A new character – The Dragon Mage
  • Character personalization – Choose one of 7 heroes which now include configurable appearances.
  • Carrier Imp – The expansion allows all players who purchase it to summon the carrier imp which was only available before to those who had purchased the collector's edition of Sacred 2
  • New enemies, items and end bosses - New, unique items for heroes, the powerful Crystal Phoenix, the magical eye, scarab and more.
  • Two extra character creation slots

The box also includes a large map of Ancaria with the two new regions added.


Due to Ascaron Entertainment going bankrupt just before the release of this expansion, it has only seen a release in Europe, while lacking compatibility with the other region-locked versions of the main game. However, this compatability issue can be overcome by using this guide :, which allows the US \ Steam version of Sacred 2 to be patched with the UK version of Ice and Blood.

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