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Saiki was employed by Masatsugu when she was in junior high and has been in his service ever since. She helped in taking care of Sarina. Saiki and the other servants agreed that Masatsugu is too strict on Sarina's freedom and are supportive of Sarina's hobbies.

Kira Kira

Chapter 2: Road to Ruin?

Saiki helped Sarina run away with the band to join them on their tour.

Chapter 3: Run This Way

On Sarina's path, Shikanosuke tried to phone Sarina. Saiki picked up and explained that Masatsugu will not allow Sarina to contact Shikanosuke.

When Shikanosuke discovered Kenichi's room, Saiki explained that the room is only known to her and Masatsugu. She further explained that Masatsugu wanted the room to be preserved.

Saiki described Kenichi as kind, athletic, smart, and good-looking. She revealed that Kenichi had attracted the attention of many girls in the neighborhood, and that even she was no exception.

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