Does the PS3 version have the same problems as the 360?

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Not sure which platform I should buy this on. My PC isn't up to the task, but I there are a lot of reports here and on the bombcast about the 360 version having pretty bad framerate issues. However, I haven't heard anything about the PS3 version. Anyone here playing it on PS3? How does it hold up?


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It is mostly fine. Not like PC great obviously. But the only time the frame rate got really bad for me was on one of the hectic side-missions involving using an alien ship.

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The framerate is mostly okay. The reason I ditched that version was the screen tearing. I CAN NOT handle screen tearing in games anymore.

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Some people have had a much better time with the ps3 version than me. My experience with it was pretty miserable with the poorest framerate, 95% of the cutscene audio out of sync and 32 lock ups. At one point it froze 5 or 6 times in 15 mins. If there's a broken mission or a bug written about the game online Iprobably encountered it.

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@vanek: thanks for the eurogamer link, pretty in depth stuff!

Think I'll prob end up going with the 360 version.

Thanks all.

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I read somewhere that the 360 version is much better if you install it. Maybe try that.

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I'm finishing up SR3 on the PS3 now (thanks PS+) and once I'm done with GTAV I'd imagine I'll give SR4 a rip on the PS3 as well once it's cheap for continuity's sake.

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