Giantbomb in SR4

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Since the character creator released today and it's only a question of time until the crew finds its way into the game so I'm just going to take the first step.

I'm not entirely satisfied with the creation options especially the lack of a height, or size of bodypart option is a little bit baffling but I guess this is due to possible clipping issues. Still, I don't think it's a bad attempt and I'm actually going to use this as my main character.

Ryan Davis (classic):

Ryan Davis (wedding style):

#2 Posted by jimmyfenix (3753 posts) -

Looking great. You should make a Brad "dota" Shoemaker and give him a hat !

#3 Posted by altairre (1285 posts) -

@jimmyfenix: Thanks duder. If people like it, I'm gonna post the rest of the crew too.

#4 Posted by 5Figh (172 posts) -

dota brad would just be brad with a prominent gut and a glazed over expression

#5 Posted by Jadeskye (4368 posts) -

Good job duder!

#6 Posted by billyhoush (1195 posts) -

I like it. Post more!

#7 Posted by pyromagnestir (4339 posts) -

When I get the game I will take that character and give him a lady voice. Ryan "Lady" Davis

#9 Posted by End_Boss (3220 posts) -


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Love it, looks great. Looking forward to the rest of the crew.

#11 Posted by altairre (1285 posts) -

He was difficult to make but this is what I've come up with.

Holy shit, Brad Shoemaker is here:

#12 Posted by csl316 (9485 posts) -
#13 Posted by Turtlebird95 (2616 posts) -

Ryan needs a gun that shoots breast milk.

Great work btw!

#14 Posted by Demoskinos (15163 posts) -

So is this thing on out on PS3 too?

#16 Posted by JZ (2120 posts) -

Ps3 next week

#17 Posted by Bane122 (812 posts) -

Great job. A suggestion: make them public, add their names for tags and let us steal them from you appreciate your work.

#18 Posted by Nightriff (5362 posts) -

Pretty cool, but I always play as a chick if I have the option

#19 Posted by Video_Game_King (36272 posts) -

@altairre said:

He was difficult to make but this is what I've come up with.

Holy shit, Brad Shoemaker is here:

The German in this screenshot feels oddly appropriate.

#20 Posted by GooieGreen (454 posts) -

I will download those to my review copy and will never not have Ryan Davis in my videos.

God Damn.

#21 Posted by razielrioux (129 posts) -
#22 Posted by altairre (1285 posts) -

@bane122: I already did that. You should be able to find them if you search for the names or for giantbomb.

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Big Jeffrey is in the building (edit: updated it a little bit):

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I know what I'll be downloading later today.

#25 Posted by TheLegendOfMart (259 posts) -
#26 Posted by Demoskinos (15163 posts) -

@altairre said:

Big Jeffrey is in the building:

Wow, good job again dude. You're finding ridiculous ways to capture just enough of their likeness with the limited tools that you can tell it is them.

#27 Posted by BBAlpert (1578 posts) -

Seeing these makes me a little disappointed that I already have my own canon version of the boss.

And I can't NOT have Female-1 voiced FemShep as the Boss!

#28 Posted by altairre (1285 posts) -

@demoskinos: Thanks. You're right though, it's not a bad editor but to recreate the face accurately there would need to be a few more options and a little more range within them.

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@altairre: Yeah, everyone has a real square jawed muscular look to them. Which is just how the character editor kinda rolls.

#30 Posted by probablytuna (3829 posts) -
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This is pretty sweet. Nice work.

#32 Posted by CitizenCoffeeCake (652 posts) -

These are pretty good man, keep it up.

#33 Posted by buft (3320 posts) -

the Ryan Davis is spot on

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The Drewbert:

#35 Posted by Bane122 (812 posts) -

@bbalpert: I get what you mean, female voice 1 is what I use too but, in SR3 I did play as a guy for a while for the achievement and goofiness so I'll use these skins to do that in 4.

#36 Posted by fox01313 (5089 posts) -

Just love how they added a pitch shift on the voices though for this one character, went with the Nolan voice. Here's my version of Ryan from SR3 & 4 (can't see it but there's the remember me tattoo on one leg, boom on an arm & the dramatis persona on the back, with the king & street fighter taunt/compliment). Really wanted to go with the hot dog outfit for this but figure I'll try it out in the game but not stick with it, as there's so many good outfits in SR4 based off the inauguration station.

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Your doing God's work duder.

I would really love to see Vinny turned into a Saint.

#38 Posted by Bane122 (812 posts) -

I couldn't find Brad and I'm curious, did you use the cockney accent for him?

#39 Posted by rulerofeden (21 posts) -

@altairre: That's spot on, well done. You really captured the "Scandinavian god" sculpt of Drew's face.

#40 Posted by altairre (1285 posts) -

@bane122: That's strange, he shows up when I search for him. Definetely uploaded him though.

@themanwithnoplan: Vinny is next on my list though I probably won't be able to create him before Friday. Rorie, Patrick, Alex, and Dave (probably a though one) are also in the works.

@rulerofeden: Thanks. I never really bothered with character creators in games but it's actually kinda fun though you reach the limits of that thing pretty quickly.

#41 Posted by Bane122 (812 posts) -

@altairre: I kept having problems connecting to the servers so stuff may have just been messed up. I'll try again later on.

Also, well done on the underwear choice for Jeff.

#42 Posted by Player1 (3892 posts) -

Giantbomb staff with guns!

#43 Posted by Zeeco (102 posts) -

@altairre said:

The Drewbert:

Drew should have 100 Sex Appeal.

#44 Posted by altairre (1285 posts) -

@zeeco: You're probably right with that.

#45 Posted by mrcraggle (1979 posts) -

Damn, you're awesome. I tried making Patrick (mostly because there is a hot dog suit) but came no where close.

#46 Edited by Ravey (330 posts) -

@altairre: edited your Jeff

How to find these on the Saint's Row community site

search "giantbomb" and pick Steam from the drop-down list.

#47 Posted by jakob187 (21762 posts) -

@altairre said:

The Drewbert:


However, his Sex Appeal is only at 66? THAT'S A FUCKING LIE!

#48 Edited by two_socks (236 posts) -

These are pretty great!

#49 Posted by Little_Socrates (5715 posts) -

So far, I'd say Drew, Vinny, and Ryan are nailed. Jeff is somewhere between the two versions posted, and Brad just has a face that'd be hard to replicate in this creator.

#50 Edited by altairre (1285 posts) -

@ravey: Well done. I actually went back and did a little more work before I saw your post. Your Vinny is pretty good too. I haven't tried him myself but I doubt that I can come up with anything better.

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