So... how many times has it crashed for you on the PC yet?

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Poll: So... how many times has it crashed for you on the PC yet? (200 votes)

Not at all 52%
A couple of times but I should really be doing something else so it's probably a sign 33%

Are they patching this game at all any time soon? I lost two hours of progress :(

I'm running it on a high end PC by the by on Windows 7.

#51 Posted by BasketSnake (1514 posts) -

Five times right after the intro but after I disabled post-processing effects it just works.

#52 Edited by SomeDeliCook (2353 posts) -

I rented it for Xbox on Redbox, and it locked up twice; the second time was near the end of a very long boring mission that I did not want to go back to so I immediately took it out and returned it not wanting to rent it another day. I was near the end of the game too I think, which is a shame. I liked the game a lot but just like SR the third, it has some annoying boring parts that are a drag to grind through, especially if you have to do the whole thing again right away.

The first time it locked up on me was during some freeplay just running around doing nothing important so it was far less of a hassle.

#53 Posted by Kidavenger (3944 posts) -

Just finished it, one crash, during the final mission.

#54 Posted by solidwolf52 (345 posts) -

Once during the final mission. Other than that i haven't experienced any issues.

#55 Posted by Pixelationist (44 posts) -

A few times to desktop, one time it rebooted my machine and it lost my overclock and couldn't read 6GB of my 12GB ram, I had to manually reinstall them!!!

Strangely though, I've left the CPU at stock since then and it seems to run smoother and more stable.

#56 Posted by s10129107 (1365 posts) -

I can't get through the intro mission. Anybody else have that problem. My character gets to around the point where you tackle the bad guy and then crash to desktop and the game restarts. Majorly bummed.

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