super bowl ad called racist

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There is a new coke superbowl commerical with an arab with a camel and some group is calling it racist. VW also made an ad with Jamacians and some other group got pissed at them for that. Also mercedes benz upset some people cause they put kate upton wearing very little in a ad to sell cars worth $70,000. SO MY POINT is no matter what you try and do now adays you are going to piss off someone.

Deepsilver upset women with newest dead island addition, and GTA keeps getting named everytime someone in congress says video games cause gun violence. I have now seen these commericals more times than I would have during the superbowl and is anyone going to boycott coke or mercedes or even dead island. If you were going to buy dead island you bought it, I wouldn't be suprised if it turn out they sell better from all the free/bad press (personally I never new there was a new game coming and am still planning on playing dead island at some point).

I just finished playing saints row 2, I had never played it before and got it free from PSN plus. I played the third when it came out and loved it, the craziness and over the top-ness is what make it great. SO here is what I want, I want deep silver to make a great game that everyone is offened by. You wouldn't have to spend a penny on advertising, just give a few free copies to some poeple in the press and sit back and let the shit fly.

"You can carry guns with 100 bullet clips mowing down hookers and kids alike"

"Game teaches kids how to steal cars, fly attack helicopters and rob stores"

"Playing with hand grenades and beating people to death with dildos is not my idea of fun:

The more people like the wall street journal and congress say the game is terrible the better you know it will be. I would be fine with slapping a NC17 rating on the thing, too, in fact it would probablt be better. Even if they couldn't sell the game in stories amazon would be sell them. think of how great it could be.......

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