Any of the DLC any good?

#1 Posted by Cataphract1014 (1471 posts) -

Just picked the game up during the steam sale and there is a ton of DLC.  Is any of it good/decent enough to spend the money on?

#2 Posted by Gamer_152 (14297 posts) -

I haven't played it myself, but the DLC has generally sounded pretty crappy, especially Genki Bowl which just seems to be a pack of mini-games.

#3 Posted by GloriousDinosaur (461 posts) -

@Cataphract1014: Hey man, I have just finished going through SR3 including the DLC on 360. Let me say this - SR3 is a great, fun and ridiculous game. Unfortunately, playing the DLC has left a bad taste in my mouth about the whole experience. The DLC's are not bad per se, rather, they are just not up to the caliber of the main story (scripting, events etc.). These problems are compounded by the fact that most players played through the DLC after they had finished the game proper, and as such, were at a point where they had unlocked no damage from bullets which, while fun for a while, is ultimately a gamebreaker. So, in answer to your question, if you can get all three for under $10, I say go for it. Any more than $10 and you are giving away money for something that will ultimately fail to satisfy.

#4 Posted by Hizang (9359 posts) -

@Cataphract1014: So I may be the only person who picked up every single piece of DLC, thats including all of those £2 packs. I'm happy saying you should buy NONE of those £2 packs as they all really suck, such a waste of money. I would recommend the main DLC though, especially if you play it alongside the main story, don't wait to finish the game to play it.

#5 Posted by _Chad (999 posts) -

I have all  the dlc except the little packs and everything besides genki is pretty good. if it's on sale on steam I'd pick em up. 

#6 Posted by MGSolid86 (253 posts) -

I bought it all and as someone who has finished all of it with 1300/1300 Gamerscore, I can say DON'T BOTHER with the DLC. As someone who loved the base game, the DLC is really disappointing.

#7 Posted by MC_Hify (375 posts) -

I thought the DLC was pretty disappointing. But it's five bucks for the season pass so it's not really a big investment right now.

#8 Posted by PerfidiousSinn (840 posts) -

Nope, but do watch them on Youtube. They're entertaining but a real waste of money.

#9 Posted by ManicMyna (91 posts) -

bought the 1st one which seemed interesting but all the others sounded like total shite from the decriptions given

#10 Posted by Geno (6768 posts) -

The Trouble With Clones is decent, the other two are pretty terrible. The rest of the DLC are optional vehicles and outfits basically, which you should be able to preview on the store page.

#11 Posted by IllegalizePelvicThrusts (16 posts) -

I highly recommend the Shark Attack pack. You get a shark hat and a chum gun that summons a shark from under the streets. The shark eats people.

I paid $0.49 US for it, and it was worth every penny. At that price, it's a great bit of DLC.

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