Anybody S Ranked it yet?

#1 Posted by Hizang (8532 posts) -

Has anybody got an S rank in Saints Row the Third yet?

#2 Posted by spazmaster666 (1993 posts) -

I was close but now that the DLC is released, I'll have to play it a lot more to get the S-Rank.

#3 Posted by Murdouken (709 posts) -

@spazmaster666: You can get all of the DLC achievements in about 2 hours. They're not that hard.

#4 Posted by Seedofpower (3949 posts) -

I don't know anyone to do coop with on the PC. All my friends who have it on that platform already ran through it.

#5 Edited by spazmaster666 (1993 posts) -

@Murdouken said:

@spazmaster666: You can get all of the DLC achievements in about 2 hours. They're not that hard.

Hmm, I guess that's true now that I think about it (i.e. my characters is basically invincible and is fully upgraded.) Still, finishing all the Hitman missions is the main thing that's been keeping me from an S-Rank (i.e. they are boring and tedious)

#6 Posted by wemibelec90 (1839 posts) -

I don't have Gold right now so I can't get the upload a character. Last one I needed and I finished the rest on the day the DLC came out. Would have to pick that up too.

#7 Posted by blueinferno (458 posts) -

Yep. It was worth it. Love that game.

#8 Posted by Murdouken (709 posts) -

@spazmaster666: Heh, I actually had no problem with the Hitman ones. It's the vehicle theft ones that I can't be bothered to do.

#9 Posted by Hizang (8532 posts) -

I have done all DLC and most of the game, just running through the Saints book and last activities.

#10 Edited by Kandycane2029 (511 posts) -

I had it, but now I need to buy the DLC.    The only part that annoyed me was the Hijacking (chop shop) activites, mainly because the game would glitch when loading in some of the target vehicles.  Some would explode upon spawn and others would simply not spawn.  Fun game, though.

#11 Posted by Jaqen_HGhar (963 posts) -

I am going to. I have the co-op ones left (working on that every other week with my brother), car theft and some of those random things in the Saints Book. Also collectibles, but I just have to fly around to pick those up. Seemed I have one photo op left that might be hard, as that are isn't very safe anymore...

And the DLC ones I will do when I have done all the ones in the vanilla game.

#12 Posted by Shady (503 posts) -

I got it in about two weeks. I doubt I'll get the DLC since SR2 DLC left a bad taste and so far I don't think it's worth it.

#13 Posted by StrainedEyes (1335 posts) -

Just need to get the DLC achievements.

#14 Posted by EightBitShik (1342 posts) -

The DLC just ruined my S-rank I don't have co op mode unlocked and I can't get the DLC due to money booo :(

#15 Posted by MooseyMcMan (11421 posts) -

I was going to S-Rank it, but then I realized I can't get one of the challenges done because I took over all of the city, and now I can't taunt random gang members to get the 50 taunts challenge.

Then the DLC came out, and I don't really feel like dropping the cash for that.

#16 Posted by Zacagawea (1617 posts) -

I would but I don't want to start another game with a friend just to run around and taunt 50 gang members

#17 Posted by Djratchet (669 posts) -

Yup. One of the easiest ones I have ever done.

#18 Posted by chilibean_3 (1698 posts) -

I had an S Rank up until the DLC came out. Now I don't and I'm not sure I want to play anymore of that DLC to get it back. I might at some point.

#19 Posted by Hizang (8532 posts) -

I only need to do the Saints Book stuff now, done most of the challenges so I'll be done later today.

#20 Posted by natetodamax (19220 posts) -

I don't think the Challenges and vehicle thefts are fun to do, so I won't be S-ranking it.

#21 Posted by Rolyatkcinmai (2699 posts) -

S ranked it when it came out, and again the night the DLC was released.

#22 Posted by Hizang (8532 posts) -

S Ranked it, fuck yeah!

#23 Posted by Grillbar (1914 posts) -

i did then the dlc came out and i diddent care about it

#24 Posted by JamesThePikachu (6 posts) -

Nope I am not, but I'm pretty close to getting it. But I do need to buy the new DLC. DX

#25 Posted by Freezer_Burn (207 posts) -

All I need to do is re-do the first act, then I've got it

#26 Posted by AlmostApollo (71 posts) -

@Rolyatkcinmai said:

S ranked it when it came out, and again the night the DLC was released.

Yep. Because it's awesome.

#27 Posted by alexfase (50 posts) -

S rank

#28 Posted by fox01313 (5089 posts) -

Very close to it, before the DLC, but had the overwhelming urge to give it to a friend so he can play it instead of just trying to take out the remaining handful of challenges left to do.

#29 Posted by Kanden (132 posts) -

I've got all achievements that you can actually get right now, for some reason they decided to add the achievements for the last DLC pack to the game. Once that comes out I'll S-Rank it.

#30 Posted by mandude (2666 posts) -

Just need to finish the Saintsbook and co op, which will be pretty unlikely since I don't have a co op partner.

#31 Posted by 234r2we232 (3181 posts) -

Got it a while ago, although it was just after the first set of DLC was released so my 1000 points out of 1250 (or whatever it was) never got the chance to look impressive :(

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