I've run into a bit of a problem...

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So, being new to this whole PC gaming lifestyle, I have come across a problem that I'm not sure how to fix. Currently, I am playing SR:3 on an HDTV, and it looks awesome! It plays awesome, too, but this same problem has come up with a few games now:

I can't use my mouse on any of the menus! It works perfectly fine for shooting and all that, but clicking on stuff is very difficult and sometimes impossible. I don't know why, but the cursor and the actual selection doesn't match up. So if I want to hit new game at the top of the list, I have to move the cursor to the right and down a few inches just to get the actual selection to choose new game. The same thing happened to me with Bioshock, but I was able to fix it by choosing a lower resolution. I could do the same this time, but if I go any lower the resolution won't match the screen dimensions.

Does anyone know of a way to fix this issue? Thanks in advance!

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