So I made some mods, check them out

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If you want em, the instructions are in the youtube description.

This game is so god damn fun, and after modding it it just gets that much better.

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The machine gun grenade launcher and the school bus full of homies is awesome
I like your knockoff fantastic four outfit. When i started the video i was convinced i was gonna see some Mr. Fantastic-esque stretching lol

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Great job! You should edit that super-speed mod so you can also slam through all the vehicles like you're a bulldozer <3 Call it the ''Juggernaut'' mode or something.

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Oh man, gonna have to play some Saints Row today.

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YES. Fantastic job, man.

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I made a more concise video just showing stuff off.

I edited the airstrike in this one to be a bit more ridiculous. I've also worked on the flying mod to make it a better more responsive, but I don't have that shown in this video.


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