Unlimited Ammo?

#1 Edited by ZipCrash (209 posts) -

Has anybody figured out how to get unlimited ammo in this game? For two, it was completing certain activities.

#2 Posted by Napalm (9230 posts) -

Is nobody reading the upgrade menu? Everything is unlockable.

#3 Posted by ZipCrash (209 posts) -

I looked. There is nothing about unlimited ammo that I saw. I went through the pistol tree and the ammo tree.

#4 Posted by Kanden (140 posts) -

@ZipCrash: You have to upgrade the ammo all the way for the option to buy unlimited to show up. It's respect requirement is 50 for pistols at least and I don't remember how much it cost. Although I just beat the game only doing story missions and my level is a little over 30 so it's going to take more than the main story to unlock unlimited ammo.

#5 Posted by ZipCrash (209 posts) -

@Kanden: Oh ok. Thanks. That kind of sucks but I guess the ammo is pretty cheap.

#6 Posted by Napalm (9230 posts) -

@ZipCrash said:

@Kanden: Oh ok. Thanks. That kind of sucks but I guess the ammo is pretty cheap.

I mean... ammo wasn't much of a problem is Saints Row 2, and in The Third, you can upgrade two twenty-five percent, and then fifty percent more, so you shouldn't have any issues.

#7 Posted by ZipCrash (209 posts) -

@Napalm: Yea. I played Two for so long I use to not having to worry about it at all. So my initial reaction was well fuck let's get that back as quickly as possible.

#8 Posted by Kanden (140 posts) -

@Napalm: I haven't looked at it since yesterday but I'm pretty sure that you can upgrade the ammo to 75% and maybe even 100% before you even get the chance to buy unlimited ammo.

#9 Posted by ZipCrash (209 posts) -

@Kanden: Yup. I've fully upgraded pistol ammo until you get the unlimited one locked until 50. Do you happen to know if unlimited ammo for any of the other weapons unlocks sooner? I kind of doubt it but hard to say for sure without buying into them.

#10 Posted by Kanden (140 posts) -

@ZipCrash: Sorry I don't know either, pistols were the only thing I used because I'm stingy with the more powerful stuff and only used it on brutes.

#11 Posted by ZipCrash (209 posts) -

@Kanden: Yea I'm the same. I'm big pistol user in games anyway, especially when I can dual wield.

#12 Posted by Kanden (140 posts) -

@ZipCrash: I just finished playing a little bit (finished up buying everything, collecting all of the collectibles, and getting the second ending) and I had some extra money so I went ahead and upgrade the ammo and yeah it's level 50 for all of them.

#13 Posted by ZipCrash (209 posts) -

@Kanden: Ok. Good to know. Thanks man.

#14 Posted by fox01313 (5175 posts) -

Saw some dlc for this on the steam page for SR3 but figuring it's in the 3rd game somewhere. This made my trip through Saint's Row2 quite enjoyable after the hard trek of finding all the hitman targets to get the unlimited machine gun ammo perk. GLHB!

#15 Posted by ZipCrash (209 posts) -

I just beat the game at level 44 but I did a lot of side stuff and did some Co-Op on my friend's games. I have almost 17 hours clocked in on this game. And I'm going back in for more!

#16 Posted by hbkdx12 (800 posts) -

I grinded out all the activities and buying properties for a long as i could as early as i could. I managed to hit level 50 about half way through the main campaign.

Infinite Airstrikes + Survival rounds/Gang Operations = Instant Win :)

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