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Game of the Year

The Saints Row series started off as a generic GTA rip-off, but has become an insanely goofy series instead. You are, as usual, a member of the Saints, except that now, the Saints are multimedia superstars who sell everything from attire to drinks. But, the Syndicate isn't fond of you and have sent several gangs out to take you down. You fight the Luchadores (whose gimmick is EXACTLY what you think), the Deckers (a hacker gang), and The Morninigstar.

The game is a tour-de-force. There is so much to do, almost all a blast, and the concept of any of this being dull is a stunner.

You have the usual collection of Saints Row minigames. All are fun. The missions are fun. The vehicles are fun to drive. The weapons are fun to fire.

It's hard to review because you want to avoid spoilers and it's really hard to find new ways to say "Dude, It's AWESOME!".

This is 2011's best game. If you haven't played it, you need to do yourself a favor and rectify this problem.

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