pigpusha's Saints Row (Xbox 360) review

great game hopefuly saints row 2 will be better

 Saint's row is a great game has great muiltyplayer easy controls i use to play this game really fun the only bad part about this game is that there is no 2 player in the campain mode  lots of guns and cars great custimazation and somthing new that GTA does not bring to the table is creat r own charater  witch everyone seems to like alot there is a-lot of bugs in the game but thats what makes it fun to play, and another thing that is cool about saint's row  is that online u can creat ur own gang and face off agaenst other gangs and advance up the gang leader boards.


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    Saints Row is a sand box type game, similar to Grand Theft Auto series. You start off creating your own character through character customization. You can choose the race, the facial feature sizes, etc. This customization is quite detailed but just not interesting. I didn't really care to much on how my character looked because the options didn't really change him all that much. Gameplay: Nothing wrong in this department. Its open ended world. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want. Yo...

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    Saints Row 2 is a violent sandbox game that have sold more than 800,000 examples.This game is a huge ripoff of Grand Theft Auto,but the question is:is it a good ripoff?Well,i guess.The game was one of the most high-experienced games i have ever played.This game was great.The graphics was okay.I liked the gameplay.The story cutscenes was high definition viewing,so thats a plus.The clothing choices was awesome.It had tons of possibilities with clothing,and the characters were creatively made.Some ...

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