Tien, Yamcha or Krillin?

#1 Posted by Black_Rose (7785 posts) -

Not exactly saiyan but whatever. Who was your favorite human fighter?

I have to say Yamcha, he's so damn cool. Probably my favorite character in the series.

btw i didn't add Chiaotzu because he just plain sucks.

#2 Posted by Termite (2398 posts) -

Krillin, he's just too awesome

#3 Posted by tec3297 (1170 posts) -

This should probably go in the Dragonball Z franchise forum, but...

...Krillin, he is the funnies and coolest.

#4 Posted by kidzombie (101 posts) -

Krillin, love the bald head, and the hair when he has it is cool too

#5 Posted by Corsaer (66 posts) -

Krillin and his Destructo Disc, for the pure, unadulterated win.

#6 Posted by funkmasterflare (69 posts) -
Corsaer said:
"Krillin and his Destructo Disc, for the pure, unadulterated win.
Ditto. The Destructo Disc was always my favorite attack in the series.
#7 Posted by SlavetotheMedia (20 posts) -

Tien - Dont mess with the Tri-Beam Cannon

#8 Posted by KnightsofRound (486 posts) -

Krillin was always my favourite, like others have said Destructo Disc was AWESOME.  Despite being outpowered on numerous occasions by his opponents he managed to catch quite a few of them off-guard with the Destructo Disc and he theoretically could have killed a number of them if he managed to connect with it fully.

The situation where he uses it against Nappa is the good example, since after it cut the side of Nappa's face when he dodged it at the last minute, he realized he had massively underestimated him.

#9 Posted by NoDeath (798 posts) -

Krillin hands down. You just gotta love the little guy running to get killed over and over and over again.

#10 Posted by Black_Rose (7785 posts) -

No Yamcha fans here :(

#11 Posted by Fr0Br0 (3092 posts) -

All equally weak and useless by the last season of DBZ, but I have to say Tien. He was badass back in his day.

#12 Posted by Feanor (1387 posts) -

Tien is by far the best out of those three.  He does not wuss out like they do.  Also there is always one time in a saga where he comes through and saves the day in some way.  Like holding down Cell so 18 could get away, and kicking buu before he could absorb goku(or maybe vigetto i cant remember).  He also took on two Ginyu members at the same time, vegeta got his ass kicked by only one a few episodes before that.

#13 Posted by Clean (2356 posts) -

Krillen because no one cares about the other too

#14 Posted by Green_Incarnate (1789 posts) -

Krillen. Loved him in regular DB. Worst part of the series was when he grew hair.

#15 Posted by BladeBlur (8 posts) -

Tien is probably my favorite. Krillin is okay too. I liked Yamcha a lot back then but then I realized he hasn't done much since he died.

#16 Posted by capitanm1 (205 posts) -

Tien, I think Tien had hidden potential.

#17 Posted by Kman (77 posts) -
Fr0Br0 said:
"All equally weak and useless by the last season of DBZ, but I have to say Tien. He was badass back in his day.

dude tien actually had small meaning in the super boo saga he actually blew boo apart....he then regenerated and took him out but it was still sweet....with that definatly tien
#18 Posted by Karmann (622 posts) -

Krillin, because he managed to be awesome even when they weren't fighting!  

#19 Edited by Kombat (2205 posts) -

None of them even fight anything after the Saiyan Saga.  They all just get the shit knocked out of them.
In short, my answer is Videl.

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