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Critical Reception

Game Informer gave the review scores of 8.5 and 8.75 out of ten. Andrew Reiner wrote, "Final Fantasy Tactics is the most impressive turn-based strategy console game. Square Soft hasn't delivered a sequel yet, but that doesn't mean that another development house can't do it for them. Saiyuki is in many ways an offshoot of tactics. The combat structuring and look of the game are unmistakable, and instead of a class system Koei has implemented character transformations called Werechanges. Interestingly, the Were receive their own experience and level-ups separately from the characters they spawn from. Different strategies must be used to overcome the perils that lie within the varied landscapes and mission objectives. I invested wwll over 300 hours into tacticvs, and the plethora of sidequests should keep mehooked to this worthy impersonator for just as long".

Jay Fitzloff, who gave the lower score, added, "...Unlike comparable titles, however, Saiyuki's between battle story is quite compelling. Which isn't to say that the combat is poor, int fact, it's fabulous".

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