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Sakura Taisen 2: Kimi, Shinitamou Koto Nakare (lit. "You Shall Not Die"), takes place in a renewed Teito Tokyo ("Imperial Capital Tokyo"), one years after Hanagumi Squad Leader Ichirou Ohgami returned to the Imperial Navy. Returning from a Pacific-to-Atlantic shakedown cruise, Ensign Ohgami is reassigned to lead the Hanagumi ("Flower Division") of the Imperial Assault Force (Teikoku Kagekidan), defending the capital from mysterious new demonic forces, this time with a curious relationship to the original "Kouma War" that devastated the city and sparked the formation of the Assault Force itself. Still operating in secret under the Grand Imperial Theater, the group still performs in sold-out operas and revues.

New Characters

Two new principal characters were introduced to the game, new arrivals from a disbanded proto-squad, the Hoshigumi ("Star Division") Ohgami could also interact with these characters and gain trust points with them, in the fashion of the original. The new characters operated the Eisenkleid (lit "Steel Clothes"), predecessors of the Koubu used by the current force.


Orihime Soletta

Birthday: July 7, 1907

Age: 15

Height: 5'2

Weight: 47 kg

Blood Type: B

Love child of a famous Italian mother and a Japanese father, Orihime is a gifted singer and pianist. At first she bears a grudge at first against Japanese men over her father's abandoning her, though later developing a close friendship with Ohgami after he reunites her with her father, helping the two make peace. Orihime dominates the battlefield in her Eisenkleid using homing laser weapons.


Reni Milchstraße

Birthday: December 24, 1909

Age: 13

Height: 4'10

Weight: 38 kg

Blood Type: O

Hailing from Germany, Reni was an experimental subject in a project aiming to create spiritual energy super-soldiers, Reni is a tactical wunderkind and skilled ballerina. Though initially distant and seemingly emotionless, she opens up to her companions with their continual support and affection. She wields a lance in combat.

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