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   Born in London, Sakura was in a car accident with her parents when she was 10 years old which brought them through a door of light into Gilverado. Appearing in the swampy wastelands of Gilverado each member of the family awakened to their magical ability.
   Her father had never been a good man and being trapped in a strange land, suddenly gifted with magical powers corrupted him even more. He became obsessed with finding a doorway home and in doing so opened doorways to hell instead, corrupting himself even further. Sakura was left to care for her sick mother and the family gradually became ostracized and hated by the locals leading to rumours that Sakura was a witch that haunted the swamp wastes.
   Sakura's family lived next door to Windia's family in the real world and as a result the girls and their families are acquainted.

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