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Role in Eirika's Story

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Role in Ephraim's Story

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Military Affiliation

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Saleh has a total of four supports: Eirika, Gerik, Myrrh, and Ewan.

In his conversation with Eirika, Saleh is doing Valega. Eirika tries to get his attention because she thinks he's praying. He then explains to her what Valega is and its cultural significance to Caer Pelyn's history. When next they meet, Eirika shares her fascination with Caer Pelyn's culture ever since. Saleh then remarks that Eirika reminds him of the warrior princess, Nada Kuya. Strong, beautiful, determined, he goes on flustering Eirika. He then asserts that Eirika will be this generation's Nada Kuya, and Eirika says that she will try her best. When next they meet, Eirika reminisces about how Renais used to be. Saleh promises her that Renais will be restored. She tells him that when the war's over, she'd very much like to visit Caer Pelyn and learn more about Valega and Nada Kuya. He says that she is welcome anytime.

For Saleh's conversation with Myrrh, please check Myrrh's page under the header "Supports." Myrrh only has three supports, so it shouldn't be difficult to find.


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Unit Data

Base Stats

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Growth Rates

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