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Salsa is the guardian of Agogo forrest and left to Forte castle to tlak to count waltz about what is happening, Count Waltz dosent take to kindly to this and throws her into the dungeon, Upon meeting Polka and the others she already starts to fit in by mostly insulting the group and saying other means of the such, Salsa wears a kind of coyboys hat and later on a pirate hat, she is infact a bit of a tomboy, she gets on peoples nerve but she is a pretty good person when not insulting others, March has red hair as well as a different coloured dress being red other then blue.

Salsa and March, duhhh their sisters!
In Battle!

Salsa can do lots of damage in battle but is also slow in attacking sometimes, she cant do as much damage as Allegretto and Jazz and is probably more of a support character from her light and dark moves. Salsa's light moves are powerful and some can power other characters up when it comes to attack allowing for others like Jazz and Allegretto to use large large powerful attacks, her dark moves are more for attack then support being able to hit multiple enemy's around her and perhaps charging up her attack power as well. So all around Salsa is an average support character but other characters are probably better.

She must be apart of the fellowship of the ring...

Her relationship is really with her sister March as they have large bond and can sometimes sense if either of them is in trouble, other then that Salsa usually hides her feelings from everyone in the group but begins to breakdown later on.

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