Can't progress - where is Sybil?

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I bought all three series of Sam & Max from during their Telltale sale last weekend, and started playing Culture Shock a couple of days ago. I'm really enjoying the game, but I think I may have hit a glitch that has halted my progress. Obligatory spoiler warning, I guess:

I've just roused Sam from his hypnotised state and need to formulate a plan to rescue Max from the clutches of Brady Culture.

After I'd been at a complete loss as to what to do for about an hour, I turned to a couple of online guides which told me I need to speak to Sybil to move the plot along. Problem is, I can't find her anywhere. She's not in her office, and I can't seem to locate her anywhere else in the gameworld. I've even gone as far as to speedily replay the episode in the hope that I might find a way around this problem, but to no avail - she's still nowhere to be seen. Searching the web to find out if this is a common problem has also turned up nothing. I'm completely stumped, and so I've come to the awesome Giant Bomb community in the hope somebody out there might be able to help me. Any ideas, folks?

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Could you describe a few of the puzzles you've solved recently? Have you been psycho-analyzed by Sybil?

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@Sparky_Buzzsaw: I've done all the psychoanalysis stuff and gained access to Brady's Home for Former Child Stars. When I got in the duo were hypnotised by Brady, and I had to snap Sam out of his hypnosis by clearing all traces of Brady from the dream-office. Sam regained consciousness in Bosco's store and made it pretty clear that the next course of action is to save his little buddy. Talking to Bosco, he mentions a hypnosis-blocker, but says he wouldn't know how to make one. Pretty much everything I try to interact with makes Sam quip phrases along the lines of "That makes me miss Max". Looking at online guides, I gather the next thing I need to do is get the blueprints for the hypnosis-blocker from Sybil. But Sybil isn't there.

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Damn, that's weird. I have a save just before that event and played it up through to that moment, and Sybil appeared for me. Sorry man. I've never heard of it bugging out like that. I'd just take in the rest of it through a Youtube video if you can - you're very nearly at the end of that episode.

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@Sparky_Buzzsaw: Thanks for getting back to me. I've since replayed the episode a third time, and continue to hit this exact same problem with Sybil failing to appear. I think I'm going to have to turn to YouTube in this case. I just hope I don't end up experiencing similar problems with future episodes when I move on to them.

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I may do a full run on the episode to see if not solving any of the puzzles recreates the bug. I keep thinking it's something to do with the spraypaint kid, and dropping the bowling ball on him. I have no idea why that's raising red flags - maybe it's my imagination, or maybe I remember vaguely some bug associated with it. Regardless, I hope the rest of the series goes okay. That's pretty maddening, especially when I've touted the entire set of Sam and Max games so much.

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I know this is an old topic, but I found a fix. Sybil is in her office, just invisible. She should be by the closet door. If you mouse over the area, there should be a bit where Sybil's name pops up. Click that, and the scene will then play out normally, warping you both back to Sybil's desk. Weird glitch. Wonder if it's just the GOG version.

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I can confirm the last post. I've got Windows 7 Home Premium, and downloaded the game through

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