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Not for the Brainless 0

Usually when a game ends on a great cliffhanger, the sequel falls flat of expectations.Telltale managed once in this season already to make me hyped up for the next installment with the cliffhanger in Episode 1:The Penal Zone, but the one in Episode 2: The Tomb of Sammun-Mak made for one interesting concept.The promise of Sam acting out of character and Max, well out of body kept me waiting for this months (June) release.But was it worth it? Lets have a look.  Story Picking right after Sam went ...

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Sam and Max: They Stole Max's Brain! 0

 As I hinted previously, the third chapter of this season of Sam and Max's adventures doesn't quite crackle with the same energy of the first two, although it still has some good ideas of its own and some inspired moments. It continues like part two did, picking up exactly where the last part left things, with Max's brain stolen and Sam pretty angry about it. Like the clue scanning and reel jumping, this chapter introduces its own unique kind of gameplay, in this case, interrogation. The ...

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Whatever could they want with a psychotic bunny's macarroni?! 0

The third episode of Sam & Max's season three can be considered one of the most straightforward games ever to come out of Telltale. That surely wouldn't be a good thing if They Stole Max's Brain! wasn't as well planned and executed as it is.There isn't much to hide story-wise, the title kinda gives it away - Max's brain was stolen as soon as the duo's little movie trip from last episode was done with. Sam was conveniently absent for the closing part of the presentation as we can recall...

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